Safety Center

"You're in Control" video series

The educational video series, "You're in Control," helps us in our mission to foster a safe, positive environment where users are in control and can express themselves creatively. Check them out!

  • Choosing who can duet with you: Told through the lens of a music jam session, this video illustrates how you can disable duets or enable the feature just for friends.
  • Reporting inappropriate behavior: Taking place on a bus ride with a comically inappropriate passenger, this video shows you how to use the in-app reporting feature.
  • Blocking a user: Want to turn off the peanut gallery? This tutorial shows you how you can block an individual user from following, seeing your content, or contacting you.
  • Filtering comments: Told using a delicious can of TikTokios, this video shows how you can automatically filter words from appearing in your comments – or in the video, the words in your bowl of tastiness.
  • Keeping TikTok positive: TikTok is commitment to building an environment for positive creativity, and this video illustrates how to stand up or your community by reporting bullying or harassment.
  • Choosing a private account: Told through the lens of a surprise party, this tutorial illustrates how to enable a private account, which restricts viewing of your content to followers only.
  • Enabling comment controls: Illustrated in a noisy diner, this video shows you how to enable comment controls to filter out the noise.
  • Enabling messaging controls: Taking place in a plane 30 thousand feet in the air, this video shows you how to restrict or even disable in-app messaging.
  • Setting screen time limits: Showing a situation we’re all too familiar with, this tutorial demonstrates setting screen time limits - for those of us who can’t put down the phone.
  • Supporting the community: What do you do if you notice a fellow user seems upset? Reach out like you would to a friend at a party using the in-app reporting steps outlined in this video.

"Be Informed" video series

The "Be Informed" series encourages our community to think critically about both the content they create and the content they come across, through fun infomercial parody videos. Take a look!

  • "Question Your Bias" reminds users to consider how their experiences influence what they believe. 
  • "Fact vs. Opinion" helps users determine whether statements are expressing truths or beliefs.
  • "Not Interested" shows users that they can control what they see.