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Our commitment to accessibility

At TikTok, we’re committed to maintaining an inclusive environment and supporting our diverse community. Inclusivity is important to us because when people feel included, they’re more comfortable expressing themselves authentically, creating content, and engaging with others. Being truly inclusive means building products and tools for everyone. Our cross-functional teams work with our creator community, as well as disability organizations and advocates to help ensure TikTok is accessible to everyone.

Current accessibility features

Thank you for joining us on our journey as we make TikTok more accessible for all. Below are some of the features we’ve launched with accessibility in mind.

iPhone 10 with magnified image of TikTok's photosensitivity warning message.

Photosensitive epilepsy toggle & warning

Viewers can opt out of videos that contain creative effects that may be harmful to those with photosensitive epilepsy or those who suffer from light-induced migraines. Warning labels are also shown to creators on specific effects that may trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

This feature can be managed from Settings and privacy > Accessibility.

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Text-to-speech converts typed text to a voiceover that plays over the text as it appears in the video. This feature is particularly helpful for visually impaired or blind users.

Text-to-speech can be added during video editing by tapping the added text then selecting, “Text-to-speech”. Available in select countries with more to follow.

iPhone 10 with magnified image of TikToks text-to-speech function
3 iPhone tens with screens showing animated video thumbnails, the feature toggle turned off, and static video thumbnails.

Animated thumbnails

The animated thumbnail toggle provides users the option to chose from animated or static video images. This helps users who may be sensitive to flashing images.

This feature can be managed from Settings and privacy > Accessibility.

Auto captions

Auto captions transcribe a video’s spoken audio into text. This feature helps viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing enjoy content without missing context.

Users can add captions during video editing after they’ve uploaded or recorded a video. The text is automatically transcribed and can be edited before it’s displayed on your video. Available in select countries with more to follow.

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2 iPhone tens, one of the introduction screen for TikTok's auto captions, another with auto-generated captions creators can edit before posting their video