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Fostering brand love by empowering Vietnamese consumers to embrace their beautiful bare skin with a Branded Hashtag Challenge

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The Objective

Senka is a skincare brand from Japan famous for its Senka Perfect Whip product, which has been the No.1 Cleanser in Japan for 12 consecutive years. Senka was launching a campaign for its renewal cleanser line, and in conjunction, had a message to empower young Vietnamese women: Embrace your beautiful bare skin. To promote the brand and its message in Vietnam, Senka sought to launch a music video. For assurance that the music video would be seen by a wide audience, and a shot at the video going viral, Senka turned to TikTok.

The Solution

Senka decided to launch its music video on TikTok as a Branded Hashtag Challenge. To draw in engagement, its #HonCaTinhDau Hashtag Challenge was driven by a Branded Effect. This would encourage users to sing along and express their self-loving spirit. At the same time, women participating in this challenge could showcase their beautiful bare skin.

To promote the challenge and drive visibility to its campaign, Senka worked with celebrities and TikTok creators. In fact, by having Vietnamese celebrity Sunny Hạ Linh create an initial video, users in Vietnam took notice in a big way. This was shored up by the participation of campaign ambassadors and TikTok creators. Not to mention, the campaign itself was set to a catchy branded track. It was so catchy that users would be using the music for their own personal videos – even if it wasn't related to the Hashtag Challenge.

The brand also wanted to boost the visibility of the #HonCaTinhDau challenge. So it ran a series of ads including Brand Premium and One Day Max In-Feed Ads, along with Brand Takeover ads. For good measure, the campaign was also promoted within TikTok's Discover Page. Senka also snagged a top spot in the page's # In List and as a featured Banner.

The Results

The music video went viral and Senka got what it was looking for right off-the-bat. The brand reached 26.9 million people, resulting in 166,500 videos created, with over 9,000 videos utilising Senka's Branded Effect. In total, these videos collectively drew over 359 million video views across TikTok. Additionally, the average CTR of banner ads in this campaign was 0.18%, well above the Vietnam market benchmark.

Senka also witnessed a significant growth in sales on their e-commerce channel. Senka Perfect Whip Cleanser sales volume increased 160% on Shopee compared with the average volume of the preceding two months. With a noble objective in mind, and with a large number of participants, Senka successfully empowered women to embrace their beautiful bare skin and self-loving spirit.

A huge thank you to the TikTok For Business team for supporting us on our first ever Hashtag Challenge campaign. The team has been very supportive, providing guidance and thorough planning. We look forward to upcoming campaigns with TikTok in the future.

Van Nguyen, Assistant Brand Manager

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