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TikTok World 2022: Relive the magic

Learn about the all-new branding and performance solutions unveiled at TikTok World, be inspired by the way brands are using them, and hear what’s new from the TikTok for Business team and creators.

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Three Steps to Create Your 2023 Marketing Calendar on TikTok

Whether your goal is driving awareness, consideration, or sales, jump start your marketing strategy with TikTok's 2023 Marketing Planner.

marketing planner image
Solutions January 19, 2023
Research & insights

Announcing TikTok's 2023 What's Next trend report

Check out TikTok's yearly global trend forecast, designed to help marketers understand how consumers' wants and needs will change in the upcoming year.

2023 What's Next Trend Report
Trends January 16, 2023
Guides & how-to's

Ways to measure creator marketing success on TikTok

Learn how to evaluate the impact of your creator-led TikTok marketing campaigns using CreatorIQ's key performance metrics.

Creative Marketing Partners on TikTok
Partners January 13, 2023
Research & insights

TV & TikTok: Together from Dawn to Dusk

TV still dominates media consumption during key events. Marketers need to spend their budgets wisely during peak seasons by building media partnerships that offer strong retention and recall.

TikTok Works METAP
Solutions January 13, 2023

Introducing TikTok Academy

Introducing TikTok Academy, our new virtual always-on global education platform, designed to develop TikTok expertise for marketers of all backgrounds.

TikTok academy blog social preview image
Creators January 09, 2023
Research & insights

Driving Full-Funnel Impact with the Power of Digital

While advertisers continue to work towards optimizing marketing efforts to achieve maximum ROIs, the conventional notion remains that digital drives short-term results and TV still drives long-term KPIs.

TikTok Works METAP
Solutions December 28, 2022
Guides & how-to's

Full-funnel ad creative made easy with Canva

Learn how to use TikTok templates on Canva, explore best practices for creating TikTok ads, and hear from a TikTok expert as they analyze best-performing designs.

Canva Live
Partners December 21, 2022
Guides & how-to's

Composer Spotlight: Brad Thomas Ackley

Brad Thomas Ackley is a 2022 Grammy-winning composer, innovator and music director. We sat down with Brad to understand more about his success and inspiration behind some of his music hits on TikTok.

Brad Thomas Ackley, Fuse Adventures in Audio
Partners December 16, 2022
Guides & how-to's

Evolution of Sound Volume 3: Tools to turn it up

Want to be heard on TikTok? Dive into our solutions and tools that make storytelling through sound easier than ever for creators, artists and brands.

Evolution of Sound on TikTok
Solutions December 13, 2022
Guides & how-to's

Ace the Auction: Best Practices for Performance

How do you navigate the TikTok auction in order to hit your marks? Read on for our insider tips to optimize ad performance. We'll walk through performance best practices step by step, from setup to delivery.

Ace the Auction
Solutions December 10, 2022
Guides & how-to's

Sports on TikTok: How to win the big game 🏈

POV: You're a brand trying to reach your audience around the time of the big game. Whether you choose to use existing ad creative or make native TikTok videos, we can help you make TikTok a valuable part of your strategy for the big game.

How to win the big game: Sports marketing on TikTok
Community December 06, 2022

The brands that won on TikTok in 2022

The European G.O.A.T. was crowned at The TikTok Awards 2022 in Amsterdam.

 TikTok Awards Logo
Creators, Case studies December 01, 2022

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