Commerce solutions

Where discovery drives purchase

TikTok combines entertainment and commerce to create a seamless experience from discovery to purchase and beyond.
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Why use our commerce solutions?

Personalized discovery

The preferred place for product recommendations, connecting your brand to 1B+ shoppers through personalized discovery at scale.

Audience ready to shop

Entertaining content and creators build trust towards products and brands that helps them decide what to buy.

Solutions that drive results

Our suite of commerce solutions complete the journey from discovery to purchase to help your brand grow.

Discover our commerce solutions

Video Shopping Ads

Supercharge sales with Video Shopping Ads, the one-stop advertising solution for all of your e-commerce campaign needs. Meet customers wherever they are in the purchase journey with this smart and simple solution, with new automation features to maximize performance.

*Available for testing now

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TikTok Shop

Create a shopping experience on TikTok with a suite of solutions designed to drive action like Product Links and LIVE Shopping, starting with a shopping tab on your profile that links straight to checkout

*Available in select markets

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