How your small business can grow with TikTok

October 08, 2021
Discover how small businesses can grow and build momentum on TikTok.
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The upswing is here. A new wave of entrepreneurship is sweeping through the marketplace and propelling brands onward and upward. As the COVID era begins to recede and lockdowns are eased, small businesses are on the rise. For months, the pandemic kept people at home with plenty of time on their hands and new business ideas brewing in their heads. Now they are being unleashed.

Small businesses are booming on TikTok

From branding and time management to social media tips, small business conversations are already happening on TikTok—all you need to do is join in. There’s a TikTok community already waiting for you, whether you want to reach new customers, drive product sales, or simply learn how to grow. The impressive view counts on these hashtags reveal how small business conversations are thriving on the platform:

#smallbusiness – 33.8 billion views

#entrepreneur – 12.8 billion views

#smallbusinesscheck – 10.2 billion views

#sidehustle –  6.8 billion views

#supportsmallbusiness – 3.1 billion views

#smallbiz – 2.5 billion views

Small businesses are growing, and so is TikTok—and when the two combine forces, they have the power to drive business results in a big way. Brands old and new are turning to TikTok to be discovered and to connect with their communities. Whether you recently launched your company or want to expand an existing brand, our platform provides innovative marketing opportunities that just don’t exist anywhere else. And with a slew of free tools and resources designed specifically for small businesses, TikTok can help brands ride the upswing as far as they want to go.

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Your brand story is the key to connecting with the TikTok community

With more than 75% of US consumers planning to support small businesses “as much as possible,” it’s the ideal time for brands to connect with consumers. And TikTok is the perfect place to do so, because our users are already in a shopping mindset. For many TikTok users, the primary reason they come to our platform is to discover new things—like your brand and your products. They’re ready to buy and hungry for inspiration:

  • 67% of TikTok users agree that the platform inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so.

  • 74% of TikTok users say that TikTok has inspired them to find out more about a product or brand online.

  • 66% of TikTok users agree TikTok has helped them decide what to buy.

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The TikTok App on Shopify can supercharge your bottom line

More than a million small businesses and vendors use the e-commerce platform Shopify to sell their products online and in person. TikTok’s partnership with Shopify allows merchants to set up a TikTok Ads Manager account, identify new customers, and drive sales—all without leaving the Shopify platform.

  • Seamless implementation. Set-up is a breeze. Just link your TikTok business account to synchronize payments and merchandise inventories.

  • Streamlined management. You can create videos, manage ads, and optimize your marketing campaigns right from the TikTok app. You don’t need any other software or fancy video editing tools.

  • Detailed insights. We make it easy to track your campaign performance from awareness to purchase with the one-click TikTok Pixel setup. With this valuable data, you can better allocate your marketing budget and increase the return on your investment.

Ready to get set up? Learn more about the Shopify integration in our Business Help Center.

Your brand story is the key to connecting on TikTok

Every brand has a story. What’s yours? TikTok is all about inspiring creativity and joy, and our community thrives on authenticity. So you don’t need any flashy, polished ads—you just need to be yourself. Telling your brand story is the best way to genuinely connect with consumers, and you can share your mission with a global audience from your TikTok Business Account.

Partnering with creators can amplify your message

To really rev up your campaign results, consider collaborating with TikTok creators. The Creator Marketplace gives you access to a diverse pool of content creators, influencers, and storytellers. With so much talent in one place, you can easily find the right fit for your brand—and we’ll even help with the introductions.

  • Step-by-step instructions for getting started

  • Free webinars and virtual events with experts

  • The latest trends and updates for small businesses on TikTok

  • Help optimizing your ads to achieve your goals

  • Inspiring success stories

  • …plus much more

As a business owner, you already know that if you wait to begin until you have it all figured out—you’ll be waiting a very long time. You just have to jump in and get started. The same is true with TikTok. Because our massive audience won’t wait—they’re looking for the new and the next right now, shopping and buying and specifically seeking out small businesses to support. We provide everything you need to put your brand right into their hands, from our Shopify partnership and Creator Marketplace to our free tools in the Small Business Resource Center.

Have a look around if you feel like it, and when you’re ready to jump in and play, we’ll be here every step of the way to help you conquer your business goals on TikTok.