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TikTok Pixel 101

Optimize your ads and track conversions: SMB guide to TikTok Pixel

TikTok Pixel helps you gain insights into which ads are performing well, which audience types engage with your content, and which actions users take after clicking on your ads. You can use TikTok Pixel to build a strong full-funnel strategy automatically with no required tech experience.

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Research & insights

Canadians on TikTok: Leveraging key moments to drive brand impact

Explore quintessential national moments that define culture and uncover key platform insights on how your brand can make a lasting impact with Canadians on TikTok.

Canadian Moments on TikTok
Community April 17, 2024

Empowering advertiser choice with new innovations in brand suitability

Using TikTok's new Category Exclusion and Vertical Sensitivity controls, advertisers now have more customizable ways to define where their ads appear on the For You feed. Allowing for brand protections that extend beyond traditional suitability, the controls can be conveniently accessed in a new unified Brand Safety Hub in TikTok Ads Manager.

Brand Safety April 11, 2024
Research & insights

How bilingual ads drive results for brands on TikTok​

New research shows the best way for brands to connect with the bilingual Hispanic audience on TikTok is through mixed-language ads, using both Spanish and English.

Bilingual audience on TikTok
Community April 10, 2024
Guides & how-to's

TikTok Promote now brings best of mobile and desktop experience

Promote is a convenient, mobile-friendly advertising tool designed to meet your full-funnel goals on the go - and it just got better, with a seamless mobile-to-desktop experience bringing the best of TikTok Ads Manager.

TikTok Promote: Get started
Solutions April 09, 2024
Research & insights

Discover TikTok's true impact with a Geo Lift Test

Approximately 79% of all conversions attributed to TikTok were missed by last-click attribution models. To understand TikTok's true impact on business goals, marketers need to apply new incremental measurement strategies, such as Geo Lift Tests.

Solutions March 26, 2024
Announcements, Research & insights

Selling on TikTok is now easier than ever

Introducing new commerce features—and new research—showing TikTok's power at driving online and offline sales.

Driving commerce everywhere
Solutions March 18, 2024
Research & insights

TikTok Works: How TikTok drives business impact

TikTok is where communities get together to drive culture and engage with their favorite brands. And all that interaction is not just about helping users discover new businesses and products—it's also helping brands generate strong results. To understand the impact TikTok has on businesses, we've launched several measurement studies across the Nordics and Central Europe. And the results have consistently shown that TikTok Works.

Solutions March 18, 2024

Amp up your brand’s creativity with Sounds for Business – Voice Clips

Keep your content fresh while simplifying the creative process with our free Sounds for Business – Voice Clips audio templates.

Social preview image
Solutions, Creators, Trends March 13, 2024
Announcements, Guides & how-to's

Enhance your iOS campaign experience with SKAN 4.0

Our dedicated solution for SKAN 4.0 is now available on TikTok Ads Manager. In this article, we share insights and tips to help you effectively expand your iOS 14+ campaigns on TikTok.

SKAN 4.0 on TikTok
Solutions March 12, 2024
Research & insights

How to reach women on TikTok

Creative advice for brands who want to understand how women are showing up on TikTok today—and integrate those learnings into effective, impactful strategies.

Reaching women on TikTok
Community March 08, 2024
Guides & how-to's

Why bidding matters - and how to get it right

Learn about bidding options and strategies to optimize your campaigns based on your marketing goals.

Bidding strategies on TikTok
Solutions March 05, 2024
Guides & how-to's

Creative Made Simple: Creative Optimization for SMBs

Monitor your deployed ads, track your key metrics, and tackle any issues post-campaign launch.

Content Optimization: Phase Three of the TikTok Creative Journey
Solutions, Partners, Creators, Community, Perspectives, Trends March 04, 2024

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