Behind the Camera: Shooting tips and transitions to make your TikToks pop

July 23, 2021
A series of easy-to-follow instructional videos showing businesses how to take their TikToks to the next level.
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The following is part one of a two-part series around helping small businesses to create more engaging TikTok videos and content. Keep an eye out for the second part in our series where we hear from the business owners featured in the videos below.

 We’ve said it before, but TikTok runs on creativity. Creators and businesses are constantly exploring how different transitions and effects can be used to make their content stand out in the For You page.

As part of an ongoing initiative to help small businesses elevate the creative they share on TikTok, we are pleased to announce "Behind The Camera," a series of easy-to-follow instructional videos showing businesses how to take their TikTok to the next level through the latest creative trends and techniques.

Below you will find eight short tutorials, each explaining a different video editing technique. From the classic "Changing clothes instantly" transition to the gravity-defying "Floating effect", these simple tricks can help to take your TikToks to the next level. Check them all out, or just skip to the one that inspires you to get started.

General tips

Before getting started, it’s important to remember the following general guidelines when it comes to making TikToks:

Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate the message you are trying to communicate or the creative by trying to fit too much into one TikTok.

Shoot vertically. Take advantage of the full screen experience of TikTok by making sure you shoot your content in a vertical format, not horizontal.

Have good lighting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a professional lighting set-up, a really nice lamp, or even the sun as long as users can clearly see what you want them to see.

Focus on your subject. Always keep the lens focused where you want your audience to focus their attention. This can help prevent blurring or losing something important in darker lighting.

Use effects and text. TikTok has created hundreds of effects and text treatment options for you to use in your TikToks. These native features help keep your content feeling native to the platform which can also help get it on more For You pages!

Have fun. At the end of the day, creating content on TikTok should help your business, but it should be a fun, positive experience while you create it and when your audience views it.

With those creative guidelines in mind, you're ready to start learning some of TikTok’s most popular creative techniques.

1. Flying objects

A steady camera and a consistent throwing technique are all you need to master this fun technique that uses objects your subject throws at the camera to transition from one scene to the next.

2. 360 Video

This transition technique is an easy way to stitch together your videos and add fun energy using only your record button. Use foreground objects to help create a seamless transition from video to video.

3. Changing clothes instantly

Change your attire on the spot with this seamless transition. To add a unique moving effect, you can even shoot your subject walking on a treadmill.

4. Camera drop

Use this transition to follow your product in a more dramatic fashion from scene to scene. It’s great for revealing a before-and-after effect!

5. Floating


Create the impression of floating in the air with this fun transition. Have your subject jump and move in unique ways in each capture to give the illusion of someone floating and moving about the scene.

6. Perspective grab

Give the illusion of grabbing an object from a distance and suddenly having it in your hand with this transition. Just make sure to pay attention to the camera perspective so the objects appear to fit better in your hand.

7. Sudden reveal

This technique can be used to transition between your products or to showcase how your product was made. Add more personality by incorporating fun and colorful props that enhance, don’t distract, from your main subject.

8. Two pieces of content in one

Use TikTok’s Green Screen feature to integrate more effects around your content. To add more dimension to your TikTok, play with the scale of your subject.

Don't stop there

By using these techniques and adding your own brand style, you can become unstoppable at creating fun, engaging content that helps grow your business. Just remember to have fun. Don’t Make Ads. Make TikToks.