wet n wild

wet n wild

Going big with 400+ creators, custom sound and Hashtag Challenge to launch the biggest, baddest lash

The Objective

If you're going to do anything, you might as well go big, right? So when wet n wild launched its new mascara for the biggest, baddest lash, they went big on TikTok too. Using a combination of a Branded Hashtag Challenge, TopView, One Day Max, In-Feed Ads, custom sound, and TikTok creators, the new campaign was designed to drive colossal brand awareness for wet n wild's new Big Poppa mascara.

The Solution

Big volume, big length, big lift — wet n wild turned up the volume on its first-ever TikTok campaign by launching with an official beat, " Big Poppa Heart Stoppa. " The custom sound produced by TikTok creator and artist @JVKE set the tone for the entire campaign. The music first debuted with a product video on wet n wild's account to launch the mascara. Next, @JVKE posted a making-of video documenting his process as he replied to wet n wild's request to  "make a sound for the queens."

The power of sound on TikTok boosts big-time awareness and record-high engagement by grabbing users' attention. According to a  Kantar study, 73% of users said they would "stop and look" at ads on TikTok with audio, making it a great way to communicate new information and launch new products.

Hundreds of beauty creators then leveraged JVKE's audio to hype the campaign and cue up the #BiggerIsBetter Hashtag Challenge. The Hashtag Challenge encouraged the TikTok community to show off their biggest and baddest lash, resulting in a significant amount of user-generated content created among their target audience.

By partnering with 400+ creators, wet n wild primed the campaign for virality behind the Hashtag Challenge before it even launched, which helped encourage massive reach and participation from TikTok users. Creators like Bella Poarch struck a pose to the sound of camera shutter clicks mixed into the beat. Bella's video brought the campaign's Hashtag Challenge front and center to her 83.7 million followers. Her TikTok topped the charts with 95 million views, nearly 4,000 comments, and 13,000 shares.

Simultaneously, wet n wild launched TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads, extending the campaign's content to millions of users. TopView introduced the brand's product video and custom sound, while the One Day Max ads featured Bella's TikTok from the Hashtag Challenge. In-Feed Ads were then used to further drive follower growth for the brand.

The Results

Wet n wild's Big Poppa campaign was a hit. The combination of a Branded Hashtag Challenge, TopView, One Day Max and In-Feed Ads resulted in noteworthy awareness. The One Day Max ads reached 45 million users with more than 80 million total views and a 6% engagement rate. The TopView amassed another 55 million video views with a 13.7% engagement rate. As a result, the campaign was impactful and lasting: a post-campaign Brand Lift Study showed a 17.2% lift in ad recall and 9.6% increase in brand awareness.

The #BiggerIsBetter Hashtag Challenge encouraged users to be their biggest, baddest selves as wet n wild continues to help millions of people across the world feel beautiful and confident. More than 1.5 million user videos were made, netting 2.6 billion total views at a stellar 18.6% average engagement rate. Way to stay wild, wild ones.

"The campaign that we architected on behalf of wet n wild would not have enjoyed anywhere near the level of success that it did had we ran it on any other platform. TikTok is the most powerful ad serving engine in the world. If you know how to use it, the potential is limitless."
-Ethan Curtis, Founder of PushPlay, TikTok native marketing agency

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