Increasing strong product awareness and generating a connection with women in Italy.

The Objective

Tampax, the feminine care brand making tampons for women in over 100 countries, sought to raise awareness for its product directly with women in Italy. In addition to generating exposure for Tampax, its mission was also to create connections through powerful and engaging content. TikTok was the ideal platform to achieve its goal, where content reigns supreme. 

The Solution

To achieve its mission, Tampax ran a suite of three Brand Premium In-Feed Brand Ads targeted directly (and only) at women in Italy. The three versions of the ad all featured Carlotta Gilli, a 12-time world record-holding Italian Paralympian, talking about how she competes, lives and relaxes with the comfort and strength of using Tampax. The idea being that if she can compete for gold medals in the pool with complete confidence – you can do anything. 

Brand Premium In-Feed Ads run natively in the For You feed, positioned strategically to feel organic and engaging alongside a user’s favourite content. It delivers a big hit of exposure whilst also remaining subtle, which tends to lead to high engagement levels. It’s guaranteed to run very early on in a user’s journey, within the first 100 videos they see, next to the most premium content.

The Results

The campaign was a resounding success, delivering an impressive 4.06% engagement rate, showing that the TikTok community connected with the idea and was empowered by the messaging in relation to Carlotta Gilli. The ads, running in rotation, also generated a satisfying 1.09% click-through rate, meaning that women across Italy went on to find out more and continue their journey.

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