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Raising brand awareness with Gen Z and Millennials and introducing a new communication strategy to a younger audience.

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The Objective

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom and IT business, a company proud to be at the “forefront of technological advances whilst setting new trends”. Their objective was to raise brand awareness with Gen Z and Millennials and to introduce a new communication strategy to a younger audience. How? Swisscom chose to add TikTok to their marketing mix in order to achieve this.

The Solution

Swisscom’s new brand campaign plays on the idea of being “ready” – for life, the future and the digital world. Ready for anything. Using this as its creative vehicle, Swisscom launched two TopViews, one of TikTok’s most eye-grabbing formats.

TopView ads dominate the entire screen, giving brands complete ownership of the feed upon app opening, with no other distractions present. It autoplays with the sound on, catching the attention of the viewer immediately. 

Distributed by the digital agency TLGG, Swisscom led with visually interesting and playful creative that stood out – a split-screen pairing an apprentice and boss against each other, answering questions about their digital media consumption. The opening title, “Who’s readier?” added the campaign message succinctly, while the narrative encourages you to watch more. It feels inspiring, intriguing and different.

The Results

The TopViews delivered beyond expectations, generating over 3.3 million video views and amassing wide reach and exposure. They achieved an impressive engagement rate of 19.09%, showing that this younger target audience was intrigued by Swisscom. A click-through rate of 18.55% showed that they acted on that intrigue, following up to find out just what Swisscom was all about – plenty of new connections inbound. That’s networking for you, on a grand scale.

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