Driving new conversions and sales through Shopify for German underwear brand SNOCKS.

The Objective 

SNOCKS is a popular German underwear brand, and since its launch in 2016, has gone from strength to strength producing discreet socks and apparel with cutting edge designs. To grow their customer base and expand to a fresh audience, SNOCKS, partnering with Mawave Agency, came to TikTok to run an exciting campaign through our brand new Shopify integration

The Solution 

Through our partnership with Shopify, Shopify merchants can now create and run video ads on TikTok without leaving their Shopify dashboard. Shopify merchants can create, manage and track the performance of their TikTok campaigns that have the potential to reach TikTok’s community of 100 million across Europe. 

For SNOCKS, this meant that, together with a promo code linked directly to their ads, they could reach and monitor a huge new audience without ever leaving Shopify. 

The brand deployed five In-Feed Ads through the newly integrated TikTok Ads Manager sales channel in Shopify, each as entertaining and engaging as the next. Serving as both a light-hearted brand introduction and a product promotion, the ads then drove to the SNOCKS website hosted on Shopify, where a special ‘TikTok20’ code could be redeemed for 20% off purchases. 

Sound-on and full screen, In-Feed Ads appear for users alongside other content from across the TikTok community, offering 100% share of voice for your brand name and a short description or call to action. Totally immersive and packed with humour, the SNOCKS videos provided an engaging look at their products, as well as an enticing offer that proved irresistible for users across Germany.

The Results

The SNOCKS campaign was a huge success. Generating 100 sales a week and an impressive cost per order (CPO) of 11€, SNOCKS were able to reach a new audience directly from their Shopify dashboard – perfectly integrating the campaign with their day-to-day eCommerce operations. 

The clever combination of a discount code also allowed the brand to monitor the impact of the campaign, recording more than 150 conversions using the ‘TikTok20’ discount.  

Shimona Mehta, Managing Director, Shopify EMEA, said: “Brands are having to compete like never before to get the attention of buyers. The goal is for businesses to make it easier for buyers to discover their brands, and with this new TikTok partnership, Shopify merchants in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain can connect with new customers in a way that can help them build their brand and drive sales.”

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