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Educating the community on the benefits of Dorflex UNO

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The Objective

Sanofi, a global leader in healthcare, wanted to establish its presence on TikTok in Brazil with a splash. Keen on leveraging its global brand presence, the campaign's core objective was to educate Brazilian consumers on the benefits of Dorflex UNO migraine medication.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, Sanofi ran a campaign combining TikTok's premium TopView solution along with native-feeling In-Feed Ads. TopView captures the attention of the community as the first thing users see when they open the app, while In-Feed Ads slot seamlessly into the For You feed. The creatives highlighted the core benefits of the product, and called out the reasons one should take Dorflex UNO to get immediate relief from migraine headaches.

A "Learn More" call-to-action button was placed on the assets to direct users to a website where they could learn more about the product.

The Results

With nearly 27 million video views at an average click-through rate of 18.8%, the campaign was a rousing success - greatly exceeding estimates. The campaign also clocked nearly 27 Million impressions, with an average view-through rate of 25.6%.

Not only did the brand see great engagements on the videos, the Brand Lift Study showed a 10.7% lift in Ad Recall, 4.8% lift in Brand Association and 7.8% lift in Awareness- clearly demonstrating the value in curating and catering to a native TikTok community in Brazil.

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