Helping raise awareness around the PURELEI brand and its International Women’s Day campaign in Germany.

The Objective

As a 75% female lead company, empowering women is close to the heart of German jewellery brand PURELEI. In honour of International Women’s Day in 2021, PURELEI launched an IWD  collection with the campaign #TYBON (Turn Your Back On Negativity). To reach young people across Germany with this important message, the brand collaborated with singer and creator Nina Chuba on an authentic and engaging ad campaign designed to spread the Aloha Spirit into the world and show every single Power Woman how strong and unique they are.

The Solution

In a campaign focused around Nina Chuba’s song “Who Hurt You,” PURELEI promoted a message of positivity for International Women’s Day aimed at young people across Germany. Nina created a to-camera video acting out her song which had an incredibly native feel. The video was then promoted as a One Day Max In-Feed Ad, appearing in users’ For You feeds across Germany as the fourth video – sound on and full screen.

To generate a wider conversation around the campaign, the video was then run as an In-Feed Auction Ad in the days following International Women’s Day. By allowing you to control the costs of your campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, In-Feed Auction Ads mean brands can reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend. And what’s more, all you have to do is choose your targets, then let the platform’s algorithm find the best way to reach the campaign’s goal. 

The Results

Running between March 6-14,  2021, the PURELEI campaign successfully engaged thousands of young people across Germany, spreading their important “Turn Your Back On Negativity” message on International Women’s Day and in the days following. 

All results came in above the local benchmarks, including an impressive engagement rate of 2.91% and a high click-through rate of 0.33%.


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