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Increasing awareness and favorability of Pocky stick biscuits in Indonesia

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The Objective

When you think of Pocky, its famous biscuit sticks instantly pops into your mind. In Indonesia, Pocky felt that it could do more to align "snacking" with its brand of biscuit sticks. Indonesian snackers were an ideal target audience, and Pocky just had to reach them through the right channel. With a goal of driving an increase in awareness and interest in the brand, Pocky launched a TikTok Hashtag Challenge.

The Solution

There had to be a sense of urgency for audiences to pick up a box (or multiple) of Pocky sticks. And the best way to get about this was to encourage TikTok users to get creative. As Pocky is enjoyed by people around the world as a snack, the brand came up with a clever approach. What if Pocky sticks weren't just snacks you'd buy on impulse? What if they could be used in a recipe? Cue the #JodohnyaPocky Hashtag Challenge.

With the #JodohnyaPocky challenge, TikTok creators had a chance to come up with the wildest and tastiest recipes set to branded music, "I Believe in Summer". The only ask was that Pocky sticks had to be the main ingredient. With dozens of Pocky flavors to choose from, and readily accessible in local convenience stores, the only limit was their imagination. And it was this creativity that was the key ingredient that had the potential to ignite this campaign.

To light the fire and boost the virality of the challenge, Pocky worked with TikTok creators to seed the initial set of recipes and used their creatives as official videos. To further scale up awareness and reach more audiences, Pocky launched In-feed CPD and Brand Takeover ads. #JodohnyaPocky was also featured in TikTok's Discovery page as a featured banner. Plus it snagged a top flight spot in the page's # In List.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success. #JodohnyaPocky drove a 6.10% increase in Ad Recall. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. With 812,000 videos featuring Pocky as the key ingredient created, the brand saw a 6.9% increase in Brand Awareness. Favorability for Pocky also increased by 3.9%. Thanks to TikTok's sweet tooth for the #JodohnyaPocky challenge, driving 1.01 billion video views and 115 million total engagements, Indonesia ate up the challenge.

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