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Helping Playa Games acquire new customers using app event optimization on TikTok Ads Manager

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The Objective

Playa Games is a leading mobile games publisher based in Hamburg, Germany. To help boost the profile of their award-winning title – Shakes and Fidget – they joined forces with Mothership Marketing Agency and  The Source Agency to launch an enticing ad campaign through TikTok.

The Solution

Playa Games chose to promote their latest game using one of TikTok’s most effective awareness building tools – In-Feed Auctions Ads. By allowing you to control the costs of your campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, In-Feed Auction Ads can reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend. All you have to do is set your targets, then let the platform’s sophisticated algorithm find the best way to reach the campaign’s goal.

For Playa Games, their campaign not only aimed to encourage installs of their app, but in-app purchases as well, or App Event Optimisation (AEO). This functionality within TikTok Ads Manager allowed Playa Games to significantly increase the overall quality of the traffic generated by the campaign.

Through highly engaging videos featuring clever augmented reality clips of players interacting with the game, Playa Games’ Shakes and Fidget ads gave users an exciting glimpse of the title and its theme directly in their For You feeds. 

The Results

The Playa Games In-Feed Ads performed incredibly well, resulting in an impressive return on ad spend (ROAS) of more than 130%. The entire campaign delivered a cost-per-click (CPC) of 0.06€ – all maintained within Playa Games’ budget thanks to the effective control of the TikTok Ads Manager.

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