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Embodying the TikTok spirit with a fun social distancing dance.

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The Objective

With a challenging start to 2020 in Australia—from floods, to bushfires, and pandemic lockdowns—Australian telecommunications company Optus was looking to connect with audiences and stay close to its customers in a way that was sensitive to the national mood while also being fun and lighthearted. Following the success of its first #NewInterns campaign, Optus looked for an opportunity to celebrate the lifting of lockdown restrictions and return to normal with a new Branded Hashtag Challenge.

The Solution

The #YeahWeBack challenge was kicked off by a lineup of popular Aussie TikTok Creators, inviting users to film themselves performing a "reunion" dance routine with loved ones, which incorporated social distancing, against the soundtrack of a catchy song by Indigenous Australian rap artist Baker Boy. The campaign reminded the community to smile, laugh and make the best of these sometimes difficult life changes. 

Optus also utilized TikTok's Brand Takeover solution, a full-screen vertical video ad displayed to users upon launching the app, to increase the reach of #YeahWeBack, while native-looking In-Feed Ads drove more users to participate in the challenge.

The Results

Generating over 29 million views, the #YeahWeBack Branded Hashtag Challenge was a runaway success in Australia. The official campaign videos had an engagement rate of 19.55%, while the Brand Takeover placement achieved a more than 16% click-through rate. Users embraced the #YeahWeBack concept and interpreted the prompt in personally meaningful ways. Sentiment towards the campaign was positive, with many users commenting on their enjoyment of the ad and soundtrack.

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