Driving installs with optimised costs across the region

The Objectives

Opala, a technology, music and innovation company based in Brazil, aims to create experiences that entertain people with apps that allow everyone to play their favorite songs via their smart devices. Opala was keen on partnering with TikTok as the brand believed its tech-savvy audiences are most active on the platform. The campaign goal was to drive installs at a low cost in Mexico by leveraging TikTok's unique "sound on" environment and For You feed.

The Solution

To achieve its campaign objectives, Opala ran a series of In-Feed Ads. With flexible bidding options and budget, In-Feed Ads are perfect for brands looking to blend their ads organically within the user experience. The ads are strategically placed among content in the For You feed, enabling the community to easily engage with the ad.

Opala's colorful and captivating videos featured a user creating music with the Infinite Tiles app, while showing elements of the game on the screen. It worked as an organic plug for the app, allowing users to experience the product in a way they understand. The ad ends with a “Download Now” call to action encouraging the audience to install the app to create their own tunes.

The Results 

The campaign was a huge success, exceeding estimates and driving 288,000 installs. The campaign was also highly cost-efficient, with an 43% decrease in cost-per-install. 28% of the overall app installs in the month of February and March were via TikTok.

"TikTok was one of the easiest platforms to execute our campaign and a perfect match for Opala. The execution process and results made us feel that we are at the right place.," said Iosef Fagundes, Partner at Opala.

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