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Raising supercharged awareness for the original series ‘Tribes of Europa’ on Netflix in Germany

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The Objective

The world already knows Netflix and so we’re sure this video streaming heavyweight needs no introduction – but it came to TikTok to make a new original series just as famous. It’s objective was to raise mega awareness for ‘Tribes of Europa’ with boxset lovers all over Germany.

The Solution

Netflix launched a Branded Hashtag Challenge called the #TribesChallenge, which called on users to show their allegiance to the series’ four tribes in a creative way, with the help of a Branded Effect.

Netflix partnered with 10 popular German TikTok creators to kickstart the campaign and demonstrate how to take part, using different creative outfits against augmented tribe-inspired backgrounds. Working with creators to launch a challenge generates huge reach through their combined followings, as well as providing inspiration for user-generated content.

Branded Hashtag Challenges work so well because they flood the feed with thumb-stopping content, each user entry a signpost to the challenge itself. These are all housed on one, central challenge page, which includes an external link. The hashtag is also featured on the Discover tab's trending hashtag list.

To further boost exposure and drive the community to the challenge, Netflix ran a suite of TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads (included in the package).

The Results

The campaign absolutely smashed it’s main benchmark, achieving a whopping 1.5 billion video views. It’s clear that the German community on TikTok were captured by the creative and pulled into exploring more about the original series.

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