Increasing visibility with a new audience through TikTok Spark Ads

The Objective

Online food delivery app Menulog wanted to improve its brand recognition in Australia and increase its overall customer base. With the focus of its strategy being on young Australians, the brand turned to TikTok to grow its profile with this audience and with this demographic more generally.

The Solution

Leveraging TikTok's position as an entertainment platform, Menulog created TikTok-first content that had been specifically designed to inspire and engage with the TikTok audience. Menulog knew that its community responded well when it jumped on trends, so it continued to use this tactic when creating content for TikTok. A key example is when Menulog put its own spin on the transformation trend, having its rider change from everyday clothes to a Menulog uniform.

These creative themes had TikTok's signature look and feel were maximised with TikToks new Spark Ads format to gain more exposure within the community and reach new audiences, driving them to the Menulog profile. Spark Ads are a native ad format that allows brands to boost their own organic videos or the content of popular creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads. In Menulog's case, the brand promoted its own videos as In-Feed Ads. Having native content also increased the brand's connection with the community and ultimately brand love.

The Results

Within the first two weeks of implementing Spark Ads, Menulog's profile saw an increase of 1,400 followers. In addition, the campaign performed positively in terms of CPV, as it was $0.007 for 6 second view. This represented a 34% increase in view-through rate and a 31% rise in 100% completion rate when using Spark Ads.

By pushing native content through Spark Ads, the Menulog community has become strong advocates of the brand. Due to the success of this campaign, the team plan to continue to use this as part of its overall marketing strategy.

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