Keeping Menulog front of mind with the Australian TikTok community through a second Branded Hashtag Challenge

The Objective

Following the success of its first Branded Hashtag Challenge, #DeliveryDance, Menulog wanted to start a second challenge to keep the brand front of mind amongst the TikTok community and continue increasing the brand's share of voice amongst users.

The Solution

After seeing the power of the TikTok community, Menulog worked with the TikTok team to create a new Branded Hashtag Challenge that tapped into the platform's signature authenticity. The #DeliveryDressDown challenge encouraged Australians to dress down into their most comfortable outfit to receive home food delivery.

The unique Hashtag Challenge was launched alongside a premium TopView placement that demonstrated the challenge to users, while a central challenge page featured more than 20 creators showcasing their different iterations and interpretations of the challenge. This gave the TikTok community a spark of inspiration and creative freedom to get involved.

The soundtrack that brought the challenge to life helped deliver strong brand recall results. Menulog created a song specifically for the Hashtag Challenge called "Menulog Delivery Dress Down" by Mashd N Kutcher, which helped deliver strong brand recall results. 

The Results

Menulog's #DeliveryDressDown Hashtag Challenge was a great success, reaching over 3.5 million unique users in Australia. The challenge saw over 1,400 videos created using the soundtrack and hashtag which resulted in 39.5 million views – that was 103% more video views in comparison to Menulog's previous Hashtag Challenge. The engagement rate also superseded the previous challenge, coming in at 4%. Finally, the brand saw a strong uplift in Brand Association (17.32%) and Ad Recall (19.7%), based on a Brand Lift Study.

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