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Increasing awareness and driving sales of Maybelline's hottest products in Israel.

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+20 %
Brand Sales
+7.1 %
Market Share For IAR Concealer
+54 %
Brand Favourability

The Objectives

Maybelline is an established and well-known brand in Israel ranked among the top 5 mass-market beauty brands. With increasing competition and new brands entering the market, brands such as Maybelline are facing the challenge of remaining relevant, especially among the younger audience.

To address this challenge, Maybelline was looking to strengthen its brand image and the emotional connection with Gen Z, which has become a strategic audience for the brand.

The Solution

Maybelline identified the opportunity that TikTok holds as one of the leading platforms among its core audience. With the beauty category being one of the fastest growing on TikTok in Israel, Maybelline and its agencies, McCann TLV and McCann Valley, hopped on this trend to create an impactful campaign in collaboration with local beauty creators.

The campaign focused on three leading products representing different beauty categories. Lash Sensational mascara - Eyes, Matte INK lipstick - Lips, and IAR concealer - Face.

To increase the impact and create long-lasting engagement, Maybelline chose a unique three week-long media strategy, combining different ad solutions, with each week dedicated to promoting a different product using a different beauty creator.

Maybelline utilized TopView, one of TikTok's most effective formats. Appearing when users open the app, TopView ads are the ideal tool for immediately catching the attention of users, and generating a major uplift in brand awareness with high engagement rates. Maybelline also ran One Day Max In-Feed Ads, a native-feeling solution that is naturally embedded in the For You feed.

To leverage the TikTok sound-on experience, all the ads featured clickable music, driving engagement and enabling the audience to take an active part in the campaign.

To make the campaign even more holistic and a TikTok fit, Maybelline collaborated with beauty creators on the organic side in addition to the promoted ads, expanding the reach and word of mouth (WOW).

The Result

The campaign drove incredible results that surprised even the client itself, including 20 million impressions, 553,000 engagements, and a 100% view-through rate of 7.7%.

More importantly, the business results were phenomenal across the entire marketing funnel from awareness to sales. Matte INK became the #1 selling lipstick in Israel, with a 6.5% rise in market share, making Maybelline the top-rated brand in the category. The IAR concealer strengthened its position as the leading product in the category with a 7.1% increase in market share.* The Lash Sensational mascara had a 49% increase in sales during the week of promoting the eye category (WOW) and a 190% (!!) increase MoM. During the campaign month, Maybelline saw an overall 20% increase in sales.

Finally, Maybelline saw a 35% increase in brand awareness among the target audience and a 54% increase in brand favourability, according to a brand lift study conducted after the campaign.

"We identify the changing trends in the market and were able to create an impactful camping even in a challenging year like 2020 in which the whole market suffered from a double-digit decrease," said Leetal Chai Sitelcool, Makeup category manager. "We followed our consumers and approached them with an authentic and engaging content that proved to be highly impactful driving phenomenon increase in sales. Bottom line, TikTok was able to bring an impact equaled to a major TV campaign proving that it was the right decision to put our focus in this platform"

*Source: Nielsen, Nov. 2020

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