Lipton Ice Tea

Lipton Ice Tea

Spread awareness and engagement around Lipton Ice Tea and its ecological commitment through the #LiptonGenerationTri challenge.

The Objective 

Lipton Ice Tea is an incredibly popular drink in France, with their flavoured drinks praised by the young adults. To drive awareness of their new packaging initiative – a bottle made from 100% recycled plastic – Lipton came to TikTok to initiate a challenge: show Gen Z  the importance of recycling in order to participate in the circular “bottle-to-bottle” scheme.

The Solution 

Trying to win the hearts and minds of your audience in a fun and engaging way? Look no further than a Branded Hashtag Challenge. Through one of TikTok’s most popular solutions, people get to see a brand's personality in the videos created, and are encouraged to share their own content under the same hashtag. Converse, Nike, Mercedes, Clarins and Subway are just a few of the brands that have already run one of these campaigns to great effect. 

For Lipton, they launched #LiptonGenerationTri with popular Creators to kick off their campaign, ​including @joyca, @safir, @hectorlevrai, and @tonydsts. Generation Tri, translating as “generation sorting,” called on everyone to show off their most creative interpretations of recycling and sorting trash. 

With a unique track to add to the immersive feel of the videos, content varied from the straightforward to the ridiculous, including drive-by slam dunks, pool-side bin tosses, and dog-friendly park clean ups. 

The Results 

Lipton’s Branded Hashtag Challenge ran for just six days, but in that short time, accrued some truly impressive results. More than 257 million views were recorded, with an engagement rate of 14%, indicating just how irresistible an effective challenge can be for the TikTok community. In terms of user-generated content, figures were equally as impressive – with over 110,000 videos created under the #LiptonGenerationTri hashtag.  

Emilie Vantajol, Marketing Manager Lipton Ice Tea & Pure Leaf at PepsiCo France said, "As a must-have brand among 15-24 year olds, integrating TikTok into our media plans was obvious. In a context where we wanted to raise awareness of recycling among this young target demo, the playful nature of the platform seemed all the more relevant to convey a committed message in a funny way."

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