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Finding new customers and growing its seller base with a powerful Lead Generation campaign.

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The Objective

Founded in 2012, Lazada is one of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platforms with a presence in six countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. When Lazada turned nine in March 2021, they teamed up with TikTok to launch a Lead Generation campaign focused both on winning new customers and growing the number retailers selling their goods on the Lazada marketplace.

The Solution

Taking advantage of TikTok's unique platform and expansive reach, Lazada utilized TikTok Ads Manager's new Lead Generation objective to interact with potential sellers and drive sign-ups. Lead Generation ads encourage users to fill out a simple form and provide their contact information, where basic information is pre-filled, to signal their interest in products or services.

Lazada's campaign consisted of multiple videos explaining how users can make money by selling their goods on Lazada. Key to the success of the campaign was Lazada's speedy yet high quality production of new creatives, all in the signature TikTok style, while the platform's powerful content recommendation system ensured that the tongue-in-cheek creatives got engagement from precisely the right audience.

The videos clearly demonstrated the value for users to sign up as merchants with Lazada, and the easy-to-fill Instant Form asked all the right questions to qualify the leads, without the users ever having to leave the TikTok app!

The Results

As a result of the anniversary campaign, Lazada reached millions of new people with the message of becoming sellers on their marketplace. But it wasn't only the reach that was impressive. Within a week of the campaign, 47% of everyone who submitted their details through the Instant Form on TikTok ended up becoming real sellers on Lazada's marketplace!

Lazada now sees TikTok as a key channel for prospecting new sellers, and has launched an always-on Lead Generation campaign in Thailand, which the brand is now looking to expand to even more markets.

"TikTok is a great partner who has widened Lazada's seller base. We're pleased to see the results from their new Lead Generation tool. Going forward, we expect to continue to tap into the platform and its many ad solutions to increase our business revenue," said Noppadol Vashirakovit, Lazada VP, Business Development.

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