James Allen

James Allen

Utilizing the power of TikTok to promote a life stage product while significantly lowering acquisition costs

The Objective

James Allen is an online diamond bridal jewellery retailer offering custom designed engagement rings. Founded in 2006, James Allen has pioneered the way consumers shop for fine jewelry online, becoming the fastest growing online retailer of engagement rings and loose diamonds and the largest privately held online diamond and bridal jewellery retailer in the world.

Typically targeting a millennial audience, James Allen was unsure whether or not TikTok would be the appropriate channel to target lower funnel actions for its products. That being said, James Allen is always striving to remain on the forefront of new consumer channels and understood the unique power of the platform to influence consumer behavior. The objective they set for the campaign was to convert new users across a series of soft conversion events on their website, including newsletter sign up, ring completion and add to cart.

The Solution

James Allen launched a prospecting campaign, showcasing its engagement rings and website with a dedicated TikTok ad. The creative was based on a popular trend and included TikTok's classic editing features such as voiceover and text box to give it a native tone and style. The campaign started with upper funnel event optimization, then slowly moved towards optimizing deeper funnel events. This method allowed the algorithm to complete the learning phase for each stage, which eventually resulted in reaching the main event CPA goal.

In addition to the regular auction campaign, James Allen utilized Spark Ads, which helped to improve campaign performance, resulting in a higher CTR (+ 25%) and higher CVR (+ 24%) compared to Diversion Ads (non-Spark Ads). Spark Ads is a native ad display format that allows businesses to boost their own organic videos or videos of creators as either TopView or In-Feed Ads

To incentivize users, James Allen included a unique coupon code that was valid only for TikTok using the Gift Card feature to communicate this special offer. Users could copy the code, then paste it directly on the website when making a purchase, allowing a smooth and easy user experience.

The Results

The campaign was a major success for James Allen as TikTok was able to drive better results, both in user engagement and user quality metrics, compared to other social advertising channels that the brand employs. More than 15 million views, along with 175,000 likes and thousands of shares helped spread the word across TikTok even further. More importantly, the CPM was lower by 66% and CPC was lower by 67% on TikTok compared to James Allen's other social advertising channels.

For the add to cart objective, which was the client's main KPI, TikTok managed to deliver a 12% lower CPA compared to other social advertising channels, while also delivering 45% lower non-bounce CPA. In addition, the campaign drove more than 3,500 newsletter sign ups, with a 78% lower CPA on TikTok compared to other channels.

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“We are constantly searching for new, unique channels to add to our marketing mix that drive both top of funnel awareness and lower funnel soft conversions at competitive metrics. TikTok has quickly emerged as a promising new channel, allowing us to demonstrate excellence with unique, engaging content while reaching our target audience in a highly engaging format.”
Shannon Delany-Ron, CMO
James Allen