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Building brand awareness through a Branded Hashtag Challenge and offline co-marketing event in Vietnam.

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The Objective

J&T Express, among the largest logistics companies in Southeast Asia, launched an offline co-marketing campaign between J&T Express and TikTok. With the goal of increasing brand awareness in Vietnam, J&T Express co-hosted TikTok Beat Livestage, the first offline music show in Vietnam since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. To drive awareness to the event, which was also streamed online, J&T Express sought to draw offline participants to engage with the event online.

The Solution

J&T Express’ promotion strategy was broken down into two phases. The brand first teased about the TikTok Beat Livestage co-marketing stunt one week before it's launch using TikTok’s In-Feed Voting Card format. One of the first for the Vietnam market, the voting card format was used to ask viewers about which Vietnamese celebrity they wanted to see participating in the TikTok Beat Livestage event. More importantly it was a great way to keep audiences excited and engaged with the brand.

For the second phase of the campaign, J&T Express launched their #VuDieuJnT Branded Hashtag Challenge, which was announced and introduced during the TikTok Beat Livestage event. Viewers could watch as the dance for the challenge was performed live, followed by a call to action for viewers to submit their own videos for #VuDieuJnT.

The #VuDieuJnT Hashtag Challenge employed all the hallmarks of other successful challenges. To start, J&T Express showcased its company's value propositions of being a fast and reliable delivery service through its own branded music and dance in an official video. In a bid to amplify the campaign and encourage virality, J&T Express worked with some of the most highly engaged creators throughout Vietnam. This was supported by an ad campaign throughout TikTok that included In-Feed Ads, TopView ads, and feature spots for the campaign as a Banner and on the trending hashtag list of TikTok’s Discovery tab.

The Results

The highly anticipated TikTok Beat Livestage offline event, launched in conjunction with the annoucement of the #VuDieuJnT Branded Hashtag Challenge, was a hit. In just 6 days, the campaign achieved 183M video views, and saw a total of 34.7K total creators participating and 60K videos created. And even better, the campaign saw an impressive total of 10.4 million engagements. As one of the first and pioneering logistics company in Vietnam to collaborate with TikTok to explore new forms of marketing, J&T Express was able to create outstanding results despite the difficult times.

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