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The Objective

Founded in 2018, Vietnamese game developer Genify Studio is well-established for some of the biggest hyper-casual mobile games in the market. Their game - Cat Fighter, has clocked over 10 million installations globally.

But while millions download their games, they wanted to further expand their audience and in-game purchases. To achieve this, Genify turned to another platform that produces short, snappy content the same way hyper-casual games do — TikTok. In order to increase new user sign-ups, they not only focused on Vietnam, but also expanded to other international markets with significant success.

The Solution

TikTok’s In-Feed Ads were an ideal way for the company to reach its customers. Part of the benefit of TikTok was that Genify could make the game feel more personal through authentic, engaging videos. Genify’s TikTok ads showed potential customers the fun and joy their gamers were experiencing when playing Genify’s games. As a small business, they were not looking to spend a large budget to create ads. Genify instead used screen recordings of users playing their games for ads, instead of working with a film production team.

An additional benefit of using TikTok was its Creative Tools. TikTok’s creative tools within the Ads manager interface allowed for quick ad creation, making it easy for advertisers to add effects, background music, and optimized creative to maximise the performance.

Realising that each of their overseas markets have different tastes, they used  Automated Creative Optimization to mix and match creative assets across their various international campaigns. This allowed them to created multiple ads and then evaluate the optimal combination of variables to best reach their target audience.

Lastly, part of their success was due to staying up-to-date on the latest trends in the gaming scene. Genify made it a point to constantly research other creatives of casual gaming in the market. This helped them learn new techniques and improve their own ad performance.

The Results

Genify Studio’s user engagement reached an all-time high as the ads' conversion rate hit 30.85%. They also saw great success on other key metrics, with over six million impressions and 275,000 clicks. For an apps business, their installation metrics were especially important, and Genify saw total installations rise to 61,000.

Creating country-specific ads paid off as well. Average revenue and installations across their existing markets rose significantly. From operating in Korea, Japan and Thailand, Genify Studio has now expanded to five new markets with strong results.

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