Driving awareness and sparking engagement with Fendi's profile during its TikTok launch.

The Objective

Founded in Rome, in 1925, Fendi is an Italian fashion house world-famous for instantly recognisable luxury leather goods. The brand is renowned for its elegance, craftsmanship, style and innovation, and its attitude towards marketing is no different, as shown by its choice of TikTok as its next breakout channel. Its mission was to launch a new profile, drive huge awareness to the page and, ultimately, build a solid new follower base.

The Solution

To launch a new profile and generate widespread awareness and engagement, Fendi ran five In-Feed Ads, all driving users to its new brand profile. 

In-Feed Ads are often a great choice for brands looking to achieve reach or engagement targets because they run natively in the For You feed. They offer the powerful combination of mass exposure and organic appeal, using subtle placement to drive explosive engagement as the TikTok community scrolls through the feed. The ads then lead users to a landing page which, in this case, went directly to Fendi's profile, so that fans could follow the brand.

The ads were part of a campaign called "F is for...," in which the fashion house collaborated with world-famous US singer Sabrina Carpenter. The five ads represented five topics connected to Fendi’s values: family, fearless, freedom, friendship and future. Set to Fendi music, with a voice over by the famous singer, the creative showed Sabrina representing these themes through lifestyle visuals with friends, writing music, performing and wearing the latest collection from "Fendi California Sky." The scripts drove engagement on an emotional level and, by using a popular Creator, the fashion house was not only able to associate itself with a face people knew, but also her 4.8 million followers.

The Results

Amassing over 4 million views and driving a 5.8% engagement rate, the ads connected with the TikTok community at scale, pushing swathes of fans through to Fendi's new profile. The result was an initial wave of 15,000 new followers which, driven by just five In-Feed Ads, is a highly effective and impressive outcome. The ads also achieved an average click-through rate that outperformed its benchmark by over 158%, alongside a video completion rate that outperformed by more than 59%. Fearless creative, a bold future – Fendi continues to inspire.

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