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Costa Coffee

Delivering Costa menu items as a memorable experience the TikTok community won’t forget

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The Objective

Whether yours is a skinny latte or iced americano, anyone who has ever bought a coffee on the UK high street will know what Costa Coffee is. On TikTok, Costa aimed to showcase its menu offering in an innovative way, bespoke to its customers’ lifestyles.

The Solution

Costa used TikTok’s all new Spark Ads to deliver an unforgettable experience that appeared as if it was meant exactly for the user it was delivered to. In partnership with AnalogFolk, they created a suite of 14 non-interruptive ads cleverly created based on some of TikTok’s key subcultures such as fitness, animals, singing and luxury. This meant its messaging appeared bespoke to the individual, with eye-catching creative that tied to TikTok's popular cut-out filter and felt native to the platform.

Spark Ads is a native ad format that allows businesses to boost their own organic videos or the videos of creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads to a targeted audience. When a Spark Ad plays, users can follow the creator directly by tapping the “+” button or swipe left to view their profile. A CTA button drives users to an external landing page to explore more.

The Results

The campaign was a caffeine hit, driving over 42 million impressions at just a £1.39 CPM. That translated into a whopping 159% increase in followers, or 18,000 new fans.

We love this fun, clever, unique way to seamlessly blend into and enhance consumers' dynamic lifestyles, staying one step ahead of their needs. It delivers the message that no matter who you are and what you're into, there's a Costa Coffee for you among our huge choice of products and services.

Adam Deal, Senior Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager
Costa Coffee

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