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Making Indonesian students more competitive on a global scale, one question at a time.

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1.2 B
Total Impressions
765 %
Increase in Registrations
12 %
Decrease in Cost Per Registration

The Objective

Launched in August 2020, CoLearn is an online education platform in Indonesia that differentiates itself by helping Indonesian students on STEM subjects. The world is changing very rapidly: Jobs that are relevant now may not be relevant in 10 years. Those who will succeed are those who can adapt, and the ability to adapt is based on a sound fundamental in problem solving skills and a higher order of thinking. CoLearn's quest to help students stay competitive and ahead of the game starts with math.

To create impact on a large scale, CoLearn aims to equip millions of Indonesian students with high quality math explanations. Students can simply take a photo of their problem question and they will get video solutions back. In order to get the word out about their initiative, CoLearn knew they'd have to communicate a bit differently to the younger generations, which is why they turned to TikTok.

The Solution

Given the limited resources, CoLearn understood the importance of getting results as quickly and as efficiently as possible. CoLearn's oCPM campaign was a performance-oriented goal, which is great for brands that use downloads or installs as a key metric. However, TikTok For Business offers solutions to achieve even more granular goals. In fact, brands can run campaigns around App Event Optimizations (AEO). This means optimizing any paid campaigns around in-app actions after a user has downloaded the app, which is reassuring for brands as they know that they're paying for real, engaged users.

Knowing this, CoLearn transitioned from oCPM to AEO. In CoLearn's case, the App Event was a "Registration." This transition enabled the brand to spend more, while being charged less for each result. Through the transition, CoLearn further optimized its campaign by excluding all existing users and installs, and focused on broader targeting metrics based on gender, language, behavior and interest. CoLearn's ad campaign also featured many success creatives, including one branded creative that promoted the benefits of the apps and included call outs, and a second which used short videos designed by TikTok creators - namely students - showcasing how CoLearn could aid their studies. They started with one creative per ad group and slowly scaled up to add new creatives to top performing ad groups every week.

The Result

Six months and hundreds of creatives later, CoLearn saw amazing growth and became one of the fastest-growing education apps in Indonesia. More than 1.2 billion impressions were recorded throughout the journey, making CoLearn one of Indonesian students' top of mind platforms when it comes to math. After transitioning from oCPM to AEO, the brand saw a decrease in Cost Per Registration and by the second month of the campaign, it had dropped by 12%.

All-in-all, a performance-minded brand like CoLearn discovered that a video platform like TikTok could drive massive users at scale. And the numbers speak for themselves. The brand was eager to scale up its campaign and i​ncreased its spend by 665%, driving 768% more registrations in Indonesia. "The TikTok team is one of the most supportive groups of people we've had the pleasure to work with. We feel lucky to be able to reach our students in a way we never thought of before and CoLearn wouldn't be where it is today if not for TikTok." said Evan Fabio, Growth Manager of CoLearn.

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