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The Objective

Brawl Stars, the hit mobile-first multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Supercell, was seeking a place to create consistent buzz around the latest game updates, and excite users by showcasing the unique abilities of each Brawler in a highly visual and immersive way. In order to achieve these goals and build its brand brand presence, Brawl Stars set up an official Business Account on TikTok, where it can share organic content and engage with TikTok's large gaming community.

The Solution

Brawl Stars cleverly uses video content to keep fans engaged. This includes giving users a sneak preview into new game features, such as new Brawlers and their “star powers," action shots of the latest character skins available in the shop, and new animations and sound effects. Video captions invite audience participation, such as asking users whether they have unlocked the latest features or getting them to share their favourite skins or progress in the game. Footage of gaming fails are often shared with a pinch of humour, resonating with players and their struggles to succeed in the game.

Brawl Stars also uses the TikTok Business Account to promote their YouTube channel, driving traffic towards “BrawlTalk” sessions that give players in-depth sharing on new environments, game modes, characters and skins. Scattered in between the gaming content, the account also includes videos of how the game is showing up in the real world, with glimpses into different Brawl Stars events being hosted around the world, and fans cosplaying as Brawlers.

The Results

Since 2019, the Brawl Stars Business Account has amassed over 1.2 million followers and received over 8.6 million likes on its videos, showing that with the right content strategy, brands such as Brawl Stars, which already posses a large and devoted following outside of TikTok, are able to leverage Business Accounts to grow their audience even further and interact with them in a fun and authentic way. 

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