ABI Game Studio

ABI Game Studio

Boosting App Installs for a mobile game with Pangle placement

The Objective

ABI Game Studio, a leading mobile game studio in Vietnam, sought to promote its flagship casual game, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, across the region. The brand approached TikTok with the goal of reaching audiences at scale and driving high-volume app installs in Southeast Asia. Looking for a massive userbase and network of users, ABI Game Studio needed access to high-performance in-app ad solutions.

The Solution

Pangle, the mobile advertising platform of TikTok For Business, offers additional inventory and ad placements for advertisers to attain volume at scale. This means giving advertisers the power to not only tap into TikTok’s users, but also Pangle’s extensive inventory network as well. Armed with a fast-paced Android game, and the resolve to grow in three target markets, ABI Game Studio leapt into action.

The brand was firmly focused on three Southeast Asian markets including Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. But each market is distinct. So to optimize and scale its campaign, ABI Game Studio ran a battery of tests. This included App Install campaigns but with placements split between Pangle and TikTok. They also tested Playable Ads on Pangle which is an interactive and innovative ad type that allows audiences to experience the core functions and gameplays of promoted apps and games. After watching a video, audiences are invited to interact with the ad in a full screen playable experience which allows them to experience the app. Additionally, the app can be triggered to be downloaded at anytime by using a button or gesture. After two weeks of testing under its belt, it was clear. ABI Game Studio’s ad groups were outperforming on Pangle.

The Results

Using Pangle as an avenue, ABI Game Studio saw 10X greater app install volume. In fact, when taking a closer look, we saw up to 6% higher Day-2 retention rates across all three markets. Indonesia and Vietnam also saw an average of 13% lower cost per installs. Also noteworthy, when paired with Playable Ads, Pangle campaigns drove 1.6X more app installs as compared to campaigns without Playable Ads.

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“TikTok has consistently met our business performance goals. Our campaigns on TikTok continuously bring us high-quality users at scale, allowing us to achieve our objectives of increasing brand awareness and building a sizable userbase”
Lý Lưu Ly, Marketer, ABI Studio
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