3 reasons why TikTok is a playground for brands' creativity


3 reasons why TikTok is a playground for brands' creativity

May 18, 2020


The perfect playground for your brand's creativity

Most brands create organic content all the time, it just needs to be harnessed and put to good use. TikTok is the perfect outlet for your creativity because the community is hungry to see what wonderful videos you’re going to make and how they can be a part of those unique moments.

So why is it worth investing in making original videos for your TikTok audience?

TL;DR: TikTok provides instant discovery and exceptional engagement.

TikTok is a new kind of creative platform that revolves around discovery. Content and ideas that are thumb-stopping and immediately grab viewers’ attention can extend well beyond anyone’s existing fans and reach everyone who might enjoy it — even if they don’t know about you and your brand yet.

To make TikTok a place where people expect to discover creative, authentic, and captivating content, we intelligently match users with videos based on their preferences and viewing habits. In other words, instead of the user having to find the content on their own, the content finds the user. This maximizes a brand’s reach well beyond their own followers to let creativity shine bright. When people see that content, they’re also much more likely to like it, share it, and react to it.

Once you’ve created your brand’s TikTok account, you’ll be able to tap into a world of discovery and engagement. Here are three reasons TikTok is the perfect playground for your creativity.

1. Be discovered by being you

TikTok is an authenticity-driven platform. This means you don’t need to try and be something you’re not. In fact, viewers want to see and hear from brands in an authentic voice. What are those aspects you want to share that can really connect with viewers? When companies are true to their core message, the results can be fantastic. The ‘For You’ feed on TikTok surfaces your authentic creativity to potential fans who don’t even follow you yet.

Be discovered just by being true and authentic to your brand and your message.

2. Instant feedback and meaningful connections

Engagement on TikTok goes beyond just likes. For instance, fans can make their own reaction videos to the ones you’re creating. Tapping the ‘Share’ button and then ‘React’ allows viewers to record themselves responding to your video as it happens. This is just one of the many ways TikTok helps you connect instantly with fans to get immediate feedback. It’s a unique way to see meaningful fan reactions that you wouldn’t normally get to experience.

Comments on videos are another way to get a sense of how your content is doing and how it’s being received. Fans talk to you directly and you can respond to them through comments of your own.

Many brands that post regularly on TikTok have been seeing exceptional engagement, which makes sure your great ideas don’t go unseen.

3. Daily and dynamic trends that power culture

We bet you’ve seen someone share a Hashtag Challenge video, like #Fliptheswitch or #imjustakid, into your feeds. Trends on TikTok are sparking fun, creative culture that gets shared with millions of people around the world.

It’s not just today’s top artists driving trends, it’s anyone and everyone on TikTok. Trending content and hashtags are a great way to spread your creativity and take inspiration from others. Making videos based on daily trends allows for frequent content rhythms, instant relevance, and continual discovery by new fans.

Lots of leading brands have used daily trends to drive organic content from their official accounts and tap into the benefits.

There’s no better way to start expanding your brand’s organic reach than using TikTok, and it all starts with your original ideas. Brands that sign up for an account and start posting authentic, creative videos will begin to see meaningful results that lead to wildly successful brand awareness.

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