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The Objective

Lifestyle brand Nolan Bros seeks to unite those around the world who aren't afraid to live outside the standards set by society. Nolan Bros products are designed with a unique message behind them, engineered to trigger a reminder to the wearer to live up to their true potential and live the life they have always desired. Looking to reach a broader customer base of creatives, trendsetters and digital nomads, they turned to TikTok to maximise sales of their bespoke designer sunglasses.

The Solution

With this campaign, Nolan Bros wanted to drive high-quality traffic to their website in order to ultimately maximise conversions. They chose In-Feed Ads, which appear within the stream of content TikTok users see as they scroll through the 'For You' feed. Using a series of short, engaging creatives in the style of the content users typically see on TikTok, The Nolan Bros were able to capture their audience's attention and attract high-quality clicks to the online store.

In addition to driving sales, they built up a sizeable audience using data captured through the TikTok Pixel. This in turn enabled them to create a custom audience to retarget users who had browsed a product page on their website in the past 180 days, to further push customers down the funnel who were yet to convert, or had the high potential of a repeat sale.

The Results

The retargeting component of the Nolan Bros TikTok advertising strategy led to a significant increase in the conversion rate of their In-Feed Ads over time. It also lowered the cost per acquisition, increasing the return on ad spend and driving further sales through their initial advertising efforts. Overall they were able to achieve a highly efficient $0.21 average cost per click, with a 1.2% click-through rate, of which 3.4% directly resulted in conversions.

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