Domino's Ireland

Domino's Ireland

Generating massive awareness around Domino's delivery service in Ireland

The Objective

World-famous pizza chain Domino's sought to generate awareness around its new brand platform in Ireland, while at the same time, promoting pizza as the ultimate takeaway meal. In order to reach its target audience at scale in a fun and engaging way, Domino's turned to TikTok and its content-hungry user community.

The Solution

After listening to its customers, Domino's learned that reliability was something they valued the most, especially when times are tough. So, Domino's launched a new brand platform - "We Got This" - that promoted its trustworthy delivery service. At its core, the "We Got This" campaign was about providing peace of mind, something that has been in such short supply during a challenging year.

Domino's worked with TikTok's local partner Digitize to launch a Brand Premium In-Feed Ads campaign. The ad creative utilized an interesting point of view to grab users's attention: a close-up view of the pizza being hand made, baking in the oven, and the mouth-watering toppings and melted cheese as the pizza slides straight out of the oven into the delivery box. What made this campaign work so well on TikTok was the dynamic editing and energetic sound. You can almost smell the ingredients through your phone as the pizza is delivered to your house. Fresh, delicious and reliable.

The Results

The campaign was a huge success, resulting in more than 800,000 video views and a massive 100% video completion rate of 5.26%. Most impressively, the engagement rate was 4.84% with the most endearing comments showing absolute love for Domino's: "Dominos is the best!", "OMG DOMINO'S I'M GETTING DOMINO'S FOR DINNER", "I had dominos tonight 🔥", and "We just ate you" to name a few.

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