Driving mass awareness and e-commerce traffic for the new 'Reebok X ba&sh' collection in France and the UK.

The Objective

Created by two best friends, Barbara and Sharon, ba&sh is the Parisian fashion brand made for women, by women. This is a brand reinventing feminine style, for looking beautiful and feeling good – and one that believes in a state of mind centred around freedom and being bold. It’s this bold creativity that led ba&sh to TikTok, to raise awareness and drive fashion-conscious digital natives to discover its new collection, ‘Reebok x ba&sh’. 

The Solution

Partnering with pioneering ad agency tigrz in France, ba&sh used In-Feed Ads to launch its brand new Reebok collab on TikTok’s auction platform. A blend of elegant and high-quality sportswear, ba&sh knew it would hit the mark with 18+ style-conscious women, in France and the UK, who love sports, luxury and fashion. 

TikTok’s auction platform provided the ideal solution, through biddable In-Feed Ads, because it allows brands to target vast but highly-specific audiences, with the most efficient and cost-effective cost-per-click (CPC). Auction ads are based on bids – the maximum cost per outcome a brand is prepared to pay – within a set budget per day or campaign. TikTok Ads Manager platform does the rest, finding the most cost-effective way to spend that budget.

The creative was eye-grabbing and engaging, focused around Jenny & Anaé performing a dance routine to a catchy soundtrack. Of course, they are both dressed in the new Reebok collection – the vibe oozing cool and bold creativity. Exactly what ba&sh is all about.

The Results

ba&sh smashed its benchmarks, with a 1.14% click-through rate generated by 100,000+ clicks to an e-commerce landing page, where all of the latest pieces in the collection were on sale. The In-Feed Ad reached over 5 million users and generated 9+ million impressions – that’s an impressive cost of 0.0015 euros per user. It shows that auction ads reach far and wide, whilst engaging with the TikTok community at scale, all for the lowest possible cost.

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