Sports Interactive x SEGA

Sports Interactive x SEGA

Helping Sports Interactive & SEGA build excitement ahead of its Football Manager 2022 launch.

The Objective

Sports Interactive is the world’s leading developer of football management simulations through its Football Manager series. Together, Sports Interactive and SEGA partnered with ComboStrike and came to TikTok during the pre-launch phase of the Football Manager 2022 game, in order to build hype and generate website traffic with a UK audience.

The Solution

In a traffic campaign that combined our brand new innovative Countdown Sticker with In-Feed Ads, Sports Interactive and SEGA successfully ran a pre-launch push that built an incredible amount of anticipation ahead of the Football Manager 2022 release. The Countdown Sticker is a brand new interactive add-on product that features a time countdown function. When users click on the countdown sticker, they are led to a landing page where they can learn more about the countdown event.

Delivered directly to the TikTok community in the ‘For You’ feed alongside other content from across the platform, the creative was slick, packed with action, and intrigued users with the Countdown Sticker. Users could click directly on the sticker which brought them to an informative landing page where the Football Manager 2022 game could be pre-ordered.

The Results

The Football Manager 2022 campaign effectively promoted game’s launch to thousands of people across the UK, thanks in large part to eye-catching content combined with the countdown sticker. The ads that included a sticker, when compared to ads with no sticker, achieved an amazing 107.23% boost in clicks received, a 203.7% increase in comments and a 44.83% increase in average watch time, proving just how effective the interactive add-on can be.

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