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17 November, 2022
Nordics Award Winners

Last night in Stockholm, the first-ever TikTok Awards were presented to brands and agencies across the Nordics that are leading the way on TikTok with creative, high-performing campaigns.

Each campaign taps into TikTok in a unique and entertaining way, leveraging the platform's culture, community and ad solutions to engage the brand's audience and smash their campaign targets. Together, these brands give a masterclass on what it takes to win on TikTok, showcasing the campaign strategies and ad formats that drive remarkable results.

Below are the campaigns that won the categories of "Greatest Creative" and "Greatest Performance" as well as the overall prize "Greatest TikTok Nordics".

Greatest Creative

Nord DDB Stockholm | McDonald's Sweden - DonkenMemes

Growing engagement through humour and native TikTok tools

The "Greatest Creative" award recognises brands that have the courage to redefine the boundaries of creativity on TikTok.

In McDonald's creative campaign, the brand taps into the TikTok community with content that makes the audience feel like McDonald's is a natural part of their TikTok consumption. Using TikToks own tools and filters, they increased the authenticity, and when incorporating "meme-culture" and humour the results spoke for themselves with +51000 new followers, and over 800,000 likes.

As advertisers, we sometimes tend to overcomplicate things in our strive to stay relevant. This brand proves that more often than not, less is more. It’s not about creative work pixel pushed into perfection, but rather having an ear to the ground and being really quick with interacting with their chosen audience, and that builds brand love. And just like the audience, we as a jury are also really “lovin it”.

Jury nomination

Greatest Performance

Beyond11 | GirlTalk and Rødovre Centrum - Girl Talk

Making a difference with measurable results

The "Greatest Performance" award recognises great creative work with measurable impact and focuses on brands that have used TikTok to achieve their performance goals.

During COVID-19, young people in Denmark were under a lot of pressure, especially young girls who were having a difficult time with their mental health. To reach these girls and be able to help them, RC and GirlTalk used TikTok in a native and relevant way, utilising TikTok trends and volunteers, to focus on authenticity and presence as well as diminish the distance between the girls and the help offered by GirlTalk. Spark Ads were also an important part of reaching the target group and exposing the content more than once, allowing GirlTalk to stay front of mind.

And the results speak were incredible. The campaign reached 600% of the target group in Denmark with an engagement rate of 2,16%. But more than that, the campaign doubled the amount of approaches from girls and young women to GirlTalk during the campaign period, and 40% of the enquiries came from TikTok during the first week. Thereafter, the number of enquiries increased by 25%.

Many brands have been tested the last few years on their tenacity and bravery to embrace new digital cultures and platforms. What really spoke to the jury with this case is not just about the hard KPIs but also that the brand could prove that they’ve shifted culture and made a change for the better in their community but also for society. Because no one should feel alone, there is always someone to talk to, and the more open we are about these conversations - more young women will find ways to get the help they deserve.

Jury nomination

Greatest TikTok

KFC | Bright Mind Agency - Finger Lickin’ Campaign

Turning digital engagement into IRL action

The winning team of the category "Greatest TikTok Nordics" will travel to Amsterdam on 30 November to compete in the European Grand Prix against the best campaigns from the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany to see who will be named the European G.O.A.T.

In KFC's innovative campaign, the brand set out to engage its target audience on TikTok and then convert that engagement into restaurant visits. In collaboration with @megicmike133, KFC toured 14 of its Swedish restaurants, filming fun and engaging videos at each one. Videos were set up as In-Feed Ads on TikTok, geo-targeted specifically to 14 cities, inviting the TikTok community to visit them along the tour. The campaign led to an incredible 314% increase in revenue in the sites visited during the tour, with over 3000 people showing up to the restaurants. KFC's campaign perfectly combined strategic targeting and the right creator collaboration to drive critical off-platform behaviour, embodying the saying "what starts on TikTok doesn't stay on TikTok."

Being an established brand both has its advantages but can also have its limitations. The jury was very entertained by how this brand has adapted to a new platform, found a crisp voice and above all, adds value to customers and fans - by being authentic and fun. The case presented to the jury shows real impact, both on brand but also on guest count. So with a mix of great creative work and strong performance - we truly felt that this is “finger lickin’ good”.

Jury nomination

The TikTok Awards Nordics jury includes:

Rasmus Bjurström, Managing Director, Forsman&Bodenfors

Michaela Bognäs, Media & Customer Experience Manager, McDonald's

Nicole Kavander, Founder, All of Us

Lars Eia Kirkholm, Byråleder, JCP Nordic

Rebecca Eliasson, Nordic Digital Media & Advocacy manager, L'Oréal Group

Johan Mirch Peiris, ex Global Creative Director, Daniel Wellington

Anna Olivemark, Head of Content, NORD DDB

Maria Kuutsa, Head of Social & Content \ Partner, TBWA\Helsinki

Liam Kalevi, CreatorArash Gilan, CEO, Viva Media

Maria Christina Sega, Art Director, Virtue Worldwide

Nicklas Hermansson, Founder, NomoFomo

Carl-Magnus Hygrell, Managing Director, Creed Media

The shortlisted entries for TikTok Awards Nordics 2022 can be found here.

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