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Community Guidelines

On April 17, 2024, we are updating our Community Guidelines to help keep TikTok safe, inclusive, and welcoming for everyone. Check out the new Community Guidelines here.


Last updated, March 2023

Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. We aspire to unlock human imagination by enabling creative expression and being a source of entertainment and enrichment everywhere. We welcome people from around the world, as they come to TikTok to discover a diversity of ideas, creators, and products, and to connect with others in our community. To help ensure a safe, trustworthy, and vibrant experience, we maintain a set of Community Guidelines that include rules and standards for using TikTok. The guidelines apply to everyone and everything on our platform. They are informed by international legal frameworks, industry best practices, and input from our community, safety and public health experts, and our regional Advisory Councils. We evolve them to address emerging risks and potential harms that may occur from new behaviors.Our approach to content moderation is built on four pillars:

  1. Remove violative content from the platform that breaks our rules
  2. Age-restrict mature content so it is only viewed by adults (18 years and older)
  3. Maintain For You feed (FYF) eligibility standards to help ensure any content that may be promoted by our recommendation system is appropriate for a broad audience
  4. Empower our community with information, tools, and resources

Our guidelines are organized by topic area, with each rule in bold. Under each section you can click for more information where you can find definitions, specific examples, and clarifications to common questions about what is allowed. Please be aware that the examples do not cover everything (we note this upfront so you don’t have to repeatedly read the phrase “including, but not limited to”).If you are ever in doubt about what to share, keep in mind this core value — “be kind and treat others the way that you would want to be treated.” Thanks for helping to keep TikTok a welcoming space for everyone!

Keeping our community both safe and vibrant requires finding the right balance between enabling expression and preventing harm. We do this through a mix of safety approaches, from developing rules and standards that we enforce, to building platform norms and resources that give our community members more agency and choice.

  1. Remove violative content. Everyone joins TikTok with the ability to freely share content on our platform. However, we have rules regarding harmful content that we do not allow. We seek to remove any content, whether publicly posted or private, that violates our rules. Although we work hard to enforce our rules, we cannot guarantee that all content shared on TikTok complies with our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. If someone has severe or repeated violations, we will also ban the account. Information on account-level enforcement can be found here.
  2. Age-restrict mature content. The breadth of content that is shared on TikTok is vast, which adds to the rich diversity of the experience. However, not all of it may be suitable for younger audiences. We limit overtly mature content so it is only viewed by adults 18 years and older. A summary of age-restricted content can be found here.
  3. Maintain For You feed (FYF) eligibility standards. The FYF offers an opportunity for viewers to discover new content and for creators to reach new audiences. But promotion by our recommendation system is not guaranteed. Content that is not appropriate for a broad audience will be ineligible for the FYF. A summary of these standards can be found here.
  4. Empower our community. We want to make sure you have the right information to help you manage your experience on TikTok. For certain content, we add labels, “opt-in” screens, or warnings to provide more context or notice. Our safety toolkit helps you to filter out any content with specific hashtags or comments that you are not comfortable seeing. We also offer account controls and in-app features with safety resources.

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