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TikTok Fundamentals: Unlock the full potential of TikTok advertising

Introducing TikTok Fundamentals, a powerful and easy-to-use framework for unlocking the full potential of TikTok and achieving reliable performance at scale.

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Create Fresh Holiday Ads All Season Long With TikTok Creative Cards

Actively engage your audience, show off your expertise with a side of fun, and make your small business relevant and relatable with innovative ideas for celebrating the holidays.

creative cards
Creators November 21, 2023
Guides & how-to's

The best practices to boost your app performance with TikTok and AppsFlyer

With an increasingly complex purchase journey, how do you prove that the investment in advertising for your app is paying off? We have some answers, and they are all in a brand new playbook developed with AppsFlyer, providing a complete measurement and performance manual for app marketing.

tiktok appsflyer playbook social
Solutions, Partners November 21, 2023

Evolving our mobile measurement framework for app advertisers

TikTok's Self-Attributing Network (SAN) integration allows app advertisers more performance insights, customized attribution windows, and access to advanced metrics like engaged view-through attribution (EVTA), a new attribution touchpoint in TikTok Ads Manager.

Mobile measurement
Solutions November 15, 2023

The Dream Stream LIVE: All about small business

Help your business stand out during the biggest shopping season of the year. Join inspiring small business owners for a LIVE all about boosting sales, attracting customers, and creating engaging content.

The Dream Stream LIVE
TikTok For Business November 10, 2023

Rockerbox brings expanded marketing measurement to TikTok advertisers

New partnership opens more visibility for advertisers into TikTok's impact on their sales and revenue

TikTok | Rockerbox
Solutions November 08, 2023

Introducing our badged TikTok Agency Partners

The TikTok Marketing Partners Program is proud to introduce our new Agency category to recognize best-in-class agencies with proven TikTok expertise.

Agency Partners
Partners November 07, 2023

TikTok launches enhanced Events API with consolidated endpoint

To help advertisers prepare for a cookieless future, we're excited to announce the launch of a consolidated endpoint across Events API for Web, App, and Offline. This will allow advertisers to seamlessly enable signal use for their campaigns.

TikTok Events API
Solutions November 07, 2023
Research & insights

TikTok Drives Impact For Mondelez In Saudi Arabia

TikTok showcases its impact for Mondelez with a Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) analysis.

Mondelez Saudi Arabia
Solutions November 06, 2023
Guides & how-to's

Targeting best practices to boost performance

We've made it even easier to reach the right people with your ads. Follow these five steps to get the most out of your campaigns.

Targeting thumbnail
Solutions November 01, 2023
Guides & how-to's, Research & insights

Q5, The Post-Holiday Opportunity For Small Businesses

It's time for small businesses like yours to make the most of your advertising dollars. Q5 is the time for marketers to lean into extending holiday sales or get a head start on brand building for 2024 with TikTok Ads.

Q5 blog hero
Solutions November 01, 2023
Guides & how-to's, Research & insights

Get Started With TikTok Shop and Shop Ads: a small business guide

Create a more meaningful and impactful performance for your business. Amplify your organic efforts (like impressions and reach) while reaching and converting new customers.

Solutions November 01, 2023

TikTok and Salesforce join forces to provide seamless CRM integration

TikTok advertisers can now effortlessly transfer leads to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real time.

TikTok x Salesforce thumbnail
Solutions, Partners Oktober 31, 2023

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