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7 M+
TikTokers reached
+3.8 %
Lift in ad recall
99.43 %
Impressions verified as brand safe by OpenSlate

The Objective

For a household name like HP, brand safety is paramount. The tech giant was looking for new channels to promote its Spectre x360 laptop, while making sure it only showed up next to suitable content. So we partnered together on a campaign launch that integrated a 3rd party brand safety solution.

The Solution

HP took part in our Brand Lift Study, launching reserve In-Feed Ads to drive awareness of its Spectre x360 across TikTok. Once the BLS results came in, HP ran auction In-Feed Ads to increase targeting capabilities. Across HP's campaign, we integrated OpenSlate's third-party solution to calculate what percentage of impressions were deemed brand safe.

The Results

HP's lighthearted creative resonated with our fun and vibrant audience, resulting in a 3.8% lift in ad recall for the seven million TikTokers reached. Moreover, HP beat our view completion rate benchmark by 1.5x. Finally, OpenSlate reported that 99.43% of all HP's campaign impressions on TikTok were brand safe, eclipsing the measurement and analytics company's 98% benchmark.

HP made the most of our measurement solutions, as our Brand Lift Study reinforced TikTok’s ability to drive positive impact and sentiment across brand campaigns. HP was thrilled by the stellar brand safety results by OpenSlate, which has opened the door for continued partnership—including the launch of HP's first TopView campaign in Q4 2021!

"We're happy to see the progress TikTok is making toward building measurement solutions for the industry and tackling the difficult problem of brand adjacency. Having more choice to understand brand safety and brand lift are critical for our business and we're glad to see the value TikTok's measurement solutions have been able to show for our campaigns. We’re looking forward to getting the same level of insight from our future activations on this hugely engaging platform," said Anthony Barranco, Social & Search Manager, HP.

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