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TikTok Rewards


Who is eligible for TikTok Rewards?

The TikTok referral eligibility criteria for users is very straightforward. All you have to do is have an active TikTok account and you can start referring. However, all existing users, as well as new referrals, have to fulfill a minimum age requirement to enjoy the benefits of the referral program.

TikTok’s minimum age criteria around the world are as follows:

  •     Users in Egypt have to be 21+.
  •     Users in Japan have to be 20+.
  •     Users in Korea have to be 19+.
  •     Users in all the other countries have to be 18+.

You won’t be eligible to participate in TikTok Rewards if:

  •     You don’t fulfill the above-mentioned age eligibility criteria.
  •     You are employed with TikTok.
  •     Your account has been flagged as a scam account by the TikTok risk control team.

Who can I refer under the TikTok Rewards program?

New users will have to meet TikTok Rewards’ eligibility criteria to allow them and their referrers to earn TikTok rewards points.

Every new user must meet the following TikTok guidelines, users should:

  • Have never created an account on TikTok.
  • Have never downloaded the TikTok app on their device before.
  • Fulfill the age criteria of their country.
  • Be from the same country as the user who referred them.

How many people can I refer under the TikTok referral program?

Although there is currently no cap on the number of referrals you can make, users from Egypt, Morocco and Pakistan can only invite up to 100 new users per day.

Does my friend have to accept my invite link right away for the referral to work?

No, your referred friend doesn’t have to accept the invite right away as the invitation link will not expire. It is advisable for the new user, who has clicked on the link and downloaded the TikTok app, to immediately enter the referral code and avail their ‘Invitation Rewards’.

New users failing to enter the code within 24 hours will not be eligible to earn the invitation reward. However, they can still go on the activities page through the referral link shared by the existing user.

If you meet TikTok’s eligibility criteria, start referring and earning exciting rewards right now!