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Benefits & Rewards

TikTok Rewards

Benefits & Rewards

What is TikTok Rewards and how can I earn them?

TikTok Rewards is a token of appreciation from TikTok to our incredible community of users across the globe. It’s the currency of rewards earned under the TikTok referral program.

TikTok Rewards can be earned when an existing user invites a new user to join the platform. As soon as the new user creates a profile and enters via their friend’s invitation code, the referrer starts earning. To earn even more through TikTok Rewards, new users can participate in regular video watching tasks that can be accessed from the activity page. These will enable the new user and their referrer to earn TikTok Rewards.

Such video watching activities are usually time bound. Thus the new user must watch videos within the specified time period for both parties to be eligible to earn rewards. Keep checking the activity page for the latest updates and offers!

What can I get with my TikTok Rewards?

You can redeem your hard-earned TikTok referral rewards for actual money. But that’s not all! You can also redeem your TikTok rewards as coupons or mobile top-ups in certain countries. Rewards will be converted to cash at a fixed rate. Check your TikTok app for more details on what rewards are available in your country.

How do I withdraw TikTok Rewards in cash?

Withdrawing your TikTok rewards in cash is a hassle-free process. All you have to do is link your e-payment channels such as PayPal or your bank account to TikTok and withdraw the desired amount. Earning money through TikTok has never been easier!

Is there a minimum threshold or any limitations to the amount I can withdraw?

As TikTok is a worldwide platform, different regions will have different thresholds and limitations. Users can withdraw cash only while adhering to these guidelines.

For example: In Thailand, the thresholds are 10 THB (Thai Baht), 30THB, 60THB, and 100THB. Now if a user has 35THB, they can withdraw either 10 or 30 and continue accumulating more points. However, if they reach 100THB, the whole amount can be withdrawn in a single go. Check your local TikTok app to see how this works in your country!

Is there a limit to how much TikTok Rewards I can earn?

Currently, there is no limit on how much TikTok referral points that can be earned by a single user under TikTok Rewards. However, in Egypt, Morocco and Pakistan, a user can only invite up to 100 new users per day, and they will receive rewards accordingly.

Do TikTok Rewards expire?

TikTok Rewards do not expire once earned by a user. However, in Indonesia and Thailand, the rewards will lapse if a user hasn’t logged in to the TikTok app for 30 consecutive days. If we ever end the referral program due to any circumstances, all our users will be informed well in advance. That way, they can withdraw their TikTok rewards before the program shuts down.

Can I lose my TikTok rewards any other way?

Users usually don’t lose their TikTok Rewards once earned, however, if an account is found to be a dummy or spam account, they will not be allowed to withdraw their TikTok Rewards against anything.