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Terms & Conditions

TikTok Rewards

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) form a binding legal agreement between TikTok Pt. Ltd. or one of its affiliates (collectively such entities will be referred to as “TikTok”, “we” or “us”) and you (“Participant”). This sets forth the terms and conditions for Participant’s involvement in the TikTok Rewards Referral Program (“Program”) available on the application owned or controlled by TikTok, including, without limitation, the TikTok mobile application (“Platform”), our related websites, services, applications, products, and content owned or controlled by us (“Services“).

These Terms are subject to, and shall also include, the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, and other policies on the Platform. These terms may also be amended from time to time in accordance with the company policies.

The Program allows Participants to earn TikTok Rewards (known by various terms in its respective countries) by completing several activities mentioned on the Task Rules / Activities page.

We are solely responsible for the running of TikTok Rewards. For the avoidance of doubt, neither Apple nor Google is a sponsor of, or responsible for, conducting the campaign.

TikTok reserves the right to change any term hereunder and/or on the Task Rules page and/or cease the Program at any time without prior notification to the Participant.

Please read these terms carefully before participating in the Program. Participate in this Program only if you understand the terms and are willing to abide by them.

1. Eligibility

Both, the existing user referring a person (“Referrer”) and the new user being referred to (“New User”) must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. They are as follows:

Criteria for the Referrer

a. Referrer must be an existing user on the Platform

b. Referrer must be at least 21, 20 and 19 years old in Egypt, Japan, and Korea, respectively. In other countries, the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

c. Referrer must be a legal citizen of either Indonesia, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Egypt, Japan, or Korea (henceforth, collectively known as “participating countries”).

Criteria for the New User

a. New User should have never used the Platform.

b. New User must be at least 21, 20 and 19 years old in Egypt, Japan, and Korea, respectively. In other countries, the minimum age requirement is 18 years.

c. New User should have never used any other Referral Code to sign up for an account on the Platform.

Both Referrer and New User must have no connection to TikTok, including through your employment or through the employment of any of your family members.

2. Participation

a. To participate in the TikTok Rewards Referral Progam, access TikTok’s event page/activity page. Accept the T&C and follow all the instructions described in the section.

b. Have an active bank account or a PayPal account linked to your TikTok profile.

c. Participation in this event is voluntary and there is no purchase or entrance fee of any kind required to participate in TikTok Rewards.

d. The TikTok Rewards earned through TikTok Rewards will be available for redemption during the entirety of the Campaign Period.

e. Participation in the event indicates that every participant has read and agreed to abide by the Terms set by the Company.

3. Program

a. TikTok will provide the Referrer with a unique referral code (“Referral Code”). Referrer can send this Referral Code to their family, friends, colleagues, relatives, or any individuals who are eligible as New Users.

b. New User must sign up for a new account on the Platform using such a Referral Code.

c. Once New Users have successfully signed up on the Platform and logged in for the first time on the Platform (“First Login“), then both Referrer and New User will get TikTok Rewards in the amount as identified in the Task Rules page.

d. To the extent that it is clearly stipulated under the Task Rules page, the Referrer, or even any user regardless of their participation in the Referral Program, might also have the chance to collect additional TikTok Rewards by completing certain special tasks, the terms of which shall be specified in the Task Rule page.

e. Existing users can also earn points for the activities completed by each New User within the validity days after using your Referral Code.

f.   Please refer to the Rewards rule page in the app for specific validity days. TikTok reserves the right to change the specific validity days and notify you on the Rewards rule page.

g. Task Rules is an inseparable instrument of these Terms. The terms on the Task Rules page shall be read and interpreted together with the Terms herein.

h. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and the Task Rule page, the Task Rule page shall prevail.

4. TikTok Rewards

a. TikTok Rewards (“Points“) is the system used to reward Participants in TikTok Rewards. Points are virtual points that can be collected and redeemed through the withdrawal process as mobile top-up or cash at a fixed rate decided separately for each participating country.

b. All use of Points on the TikTok Platform will be subject to our Terms of Service and to our Virtual Items Policy.

c. The currency equivalent to the Points you have earned (“Reward“) will be directly reflected in the statement of your balance on the Activity page (“Reward Balance“).

d. You can convert your Points and withdraw your Reward as soon as it is shown as being available in your Reward Balance by clicking the Withdraw button.

e. You will be able to withdraw your Reward in accordance with the withdrawal instructions of your specific country.

f.   The withdrawal of the Reward will be subject to these Terms, and any terms provided by your bank, which may include daily limits on withdrawal amounts.

g. Rewards or Points are not transferable to other TikTok users.

h. You are solely responsible for all use made of any Points and Rewards.

5. How to earn TikTok Rewards

TikTok Rewards or Points can be earned in numerous ways:

a. Existing users aka Referrer can invite their family, friends, and colleagues to join TikTok and earn rewards as they enter their unique Referral Code.

b. Retention rewards are given to both existing as well as new users for fulfilling the tasks mentioned in the Activities page.

c. Retention rewards may also be given in specific countries to every eligible user, without the need to refer a new user.

d. The Activities page will be updated with any additional rewards or tasks to earn them. Hence, users are advised to keep an eye on the Activities page.

6. TikTok Rewards Redemption/Withdrawal

To redeem your TikTok Rewards against mobile top-ups, vouchers, or even cash, check our withdrawal-specific instructions given for the participating countries.

7. General Rules

a. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to disqualify you and/or refuse to reward compensation if there is sufficient reason to admit that you have done the following:

  • Have committed or attempted to cheat in the process or operation of receiving rewards.
  • Violated these Terms, the TikTok Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.
  • Intentionally harassed others.
  • There have been false statements, fraudulent acts or any illegal or criminal acts (including fraud) in connection with this Program.

b. By participating in this Program, you agree to the official rules and our handling described in these Terms.

c. We shall not be liable for any technical, hardware or software phone failure of any kind.

d. In addition, due to any device or program related to or used within this Program, problems such as disconnection or inability to connect, failure, incompleteness, ambiguity, delay, or program execution.

e. You shall be exempt from any liability arising out of any human or machine error that may occur at TikTok.

f.   TikTok’s use of any user’s personal data will be subject to this Regulation and, more specifically, the TikTok Privacy Policy.

g. If any of these terms is considered illegal, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, it should be excluded from this Regulation and the remaining clauses should survive and remain in full force and effect.

h. Participation in the Program does not imply any agency, representation, sponsorship, or endorsement relationship between TikTok and Participant.

8. Company’s Discretion

a. We may suspend or terminate this Program or your right to participate in this Program at any time for any reason.

b. We may, on rare occasions, suspend some customers’ participation in this Program due to system testing.

c. We will suspend this Program at any time without prior notice if we discover fraud or any activity that may violate the TikTok Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other policies.

d. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to review and investigate all invitations, freeze your account, and modify this Program to the extent we believe reasonable.

9. Limitation of Liability

a. We do not exclude or limit our liability for personal injury or death caused by our negligence or intent, or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for culpable breach of our contractual or legal obligations.

b. We are not responsible for any event of force majeure (including natural disasters, activities subject to the instructions of government agencies, cyberattacks, pandemics, actions taken by governments meeting the ‘force majeure’ definition), system failure qualified as ‘force majeure’, actions of third parties (other than our subcontractors), which results in loss, damage or disappointment suffered by you as a result of your participation in (or inability to join) the TikTok Rewards.

10. Disputes

To the extent permissible under the applicable law, TikTok shall not be liable for any event of force majeure (including natural disasters, pandemic, activities subject to the instructions of government agencies, cyberattacks), any technical, hardware, software or inherent defects in telephone sets of any kind, and shall also be held harmless from any lost or unavailable network connections, faults, incompleteness, inaccuracies, or delays caused by you or any equipment or programming associated with or utilized in this Program or any human or non-human error that may occur in the processing of this Program including inability to withdraw or any withdrawal errors resulted.

11. Disclaimer

a. This Program does not involve any form of luck, auctions or contests and is based on objective award criteria.

b. Other than as expressly set out in this agreement, TikTok does not make any promises or commitments about the Program, Services, or Platform, such as the specific function of the Program, or its reliability, availability, or ability to meet your needs.

c. The platform and services are provided “as is”.

d. To the extent permitted by law, TikTok excludes all warranties, express, statutory, or implied.

e. Tiktok expressly disclaims the warranties or conditions of noninfringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.

12. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us from within the TikTok app.

a. Click the “Me” tab.

b. Click the button in the upper right corner to open “Settings and Privacy”.

c. Select “Report a problem”.