VidMob's data-driven insights to supercharge ad creative on TikTok


VidMob's data-driven insights to supercharge ad creative on TikTok

November 10, 2020


As an inaugural TikTok Marketing Partner , VidMob provides brands the opportunity to maximize campaign results with data-informed creative. VidMob's technology identifies the visual and audio elements in ads, frame by frame, that influence how consumers respond to content. Real-time insights are then put into action with a constant flow of new and improved ads to replace under-performing content. 

In a recent webinar hosted in partnership with TikTok, VidMob shared 12 new creative insights and recommendations for brands who want to effectively engage with TikTok consumers. These insights are based on VidMob's analysis of over 1,400 video ads which generated a combined 5.4B impressions across 34 brand accounts in North America from January through September 2020. Considering full-funnel objectives, they gathered actionable creative insights to help marketers at every stage. 

1) Driving Brand Awareness 

The following tips are most likely to increase upper-funnel success, as measured by 6-second view rate. 

Highlight exaggerated expressions 

Opening a spot with powerful emotions, such as surprise, led to a 1.7x higher 6-second View Rate compared to more neutral facial expressions.  

Increase text speed

Featuring  5-10 words per second led to a 2.1x higher 6-second View Rate compared to when the text was presented more slowly. 

Choose music-only audio

Music-only audio led to a 51% lift in 6-Second View Rate compared to voiceover plus music or voiceover-only audio. 

Use original tracks

Content featuring audio that is custom or unique to the brand led to a 52% lift in 6-second View Rate compared to when content featured a registered track.

2) Driving Consideration

TikTok ads that followed these tips were best at increasing consideration, as measured by Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Limit the close-ups 

When using talent, having their face fill less than 20% of the frame led to a 31% lift in CTR compared to when their face took up more than 20% of the frame. 

Break the direct gaze 

We saw a 1.7x greater CTR when talent looked directly into the camera for less than half of the full duration of the creative content compared to over half of the duration. While featuring talent and personable content is a priority, you could benefit from switching up the perspective. 

Keep the audio simple

When content used either music-only or voiceover-only audio tracks, the CTR was 1.6x greater than when content mixed both music and a voice in the audio. 

Harness the power of voice effects 

Adding voice effects led to a 1.7x greater CTR than when someone’s natural voice was used. Not only did voice effects increase engagement, they also created a more native feel for TikTok users who love using the filter effects. 

3) Driving Conversions

The following elements were identified in ads that led to the most conversions.

Expand emotional range 

We saw a 3.3x greater Conversion Rate when on-screen talent showed 4 or more emotions in the creative versus when they showed 3 or fewer. 

Open with your call to action 

Featuring a CTA in the opening frame led to a 44% lift in Conversion Rate compared to when it was displayed later. 

Mix the audio 

Leveraging both music and narration led to a 2x greater Conversion Rate than when the audio featured only one of these elements, differing from the Brand Awareness and Consideration strategies mentioned earlier.

Increase voiceover speed 

When creative featured audio with 4 or more words per second, there was a 19% lift in Conversion Rate compared to when talk tracks featured 2-3 words per second. 


To watch the full discussion, watch Tips for TikTok: Actionable Creative Insights for your Next TikTok Campaign . To learn more about how VidMob and other partners can help you grow your business on TikTok, visit the TikTok Marketing Partners page here . And for more tips on optimizing ad creative, check out our 9 creative tips to drive auction ad performance .

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