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TikTok is the leading short-form video platform where realness is celebrated and trends are born. A place where brands of all sizes and industries can be seen, grow their following, foster global connections and achieve big results.
1 billion+ active global users
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92% of users globally take action after watching a TikTok video
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TikTok Marketing Science Global Time Well Spent Research 2021 conducted by Kantar

Make ads that are tuned into culture

Make ads that are tuned into culture

Trends are created and cultivated here. Join TikTok to jump right in—or create your own.

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Anyone can create on TikTok in just a few taps—and any TikTok video can reach millions.

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Where your campaigns can go as far as your imagination.

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We created our suite of products with you in mind. So whether you're a small business owner, CMO of a large company, or part of an agency team, we have the right solutions to drive impact for your business.

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Solutions that drive results for your clients.
Made For TikTok: How to make better branded content
Train with our workout program just for agency marketers, with a series of exercises to strengthen your content strategy and flex your creative muscles.
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Make an impact in-feed with the first ad a user sees when they open the app.
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Branded Hashtag Challenge
Invite the TikTok community to participate in a trend created specifically for your brand.
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Brand Lift Study
Get insights into your audience’s reactions to your ads with this survey-based solution.
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Partner with creators

Our creators and their content are the heart of TikTok. Working with them can help bring your creative vision to life and let you reach more of your target audience.

Làm đẹp/ Trang điểm/ Lối sống


Tenisha Billington

1,4 triệu followers

Chăm sóc cây cảnh/ Lối sống/ Nghệ thuật/ DIY


Cameron Curry

133 nghìn followers

Công nghệ/ Tiện ích/ Giáo dục


Miles Franklin

431 nghìn followers

Thực phẩm/ Lối sống/ Chăm sóc cá nhân

August DeWindt

4 triệu followers

Du lịch/ Thiên nhiên



129 nghìn followers

Hài kịch/ Giải trí


Gabe Escobar

3 triệu followers

Nghệ thuật/ Lối sống


Alannah Tiller

205 nghìn followers

Thực phẩm và đồ uống/ Đánh giá/ Hài kịch


Majid & Zade

160 triệu followers

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