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Raising product awareness for Spotify’s new "Duo" package with couples in Germany.

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5 %
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The Objective

Music streaming giant Spotify needs no introduction. When it sought to raise awareness for its new “Duo” package for couples, it turned to TikTok to reach its goal through creativity and mass engagement. 

The Solution

To engage with digital natives in Germany and showcase its new “Duo” premium plan, Spotify - with the help of agency Byte Berlin - ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge that asked couples to take part in a shared dance challenge called #HowDuoYouListen. Spotify Premium Duo is two Premium accounts for couples under one roof, solving their problem of having different musical tastes. All they had to do was dance on the left (love) or right (hate). Clever, right?

If there’s one thing the TikTok community loves to take part in, it’s a dance challenge. A Branded Hashtag Challenge gives brands and users alike a viral moment with huge reach to participate in, with all entries pooled onto one “challenge page.” The hashtag itself shows up in TikTok’s trending hashtag list, making the challenge incredibly easy to find, whilst thousands of UGC posts pique further interest as they seed out amongst the community. 

Each Branded Hashtag Challenge also comes in a bundle with additional ad formats to turbo-boost exposure: a TopView Lite and One Day Max In-Feed Ad. To build on its reach, Spotify then ran a suite of Brand Premium In-Feed Ads for six days to cement the message and maximise its exposure.

Launching the campaign with six popular Creators also supercharged Spotify’s reach, paving the way for mass engagement with an established combined Creator following of 14+ million. The creative concept itself was smart, playing on the name of the product and asking couples to join in together to create a fun, entertaining video. Having the name of the product in the challenge name was also a great idea, delivering clear product branding from get-go.

The Results

The TikTok community certainly enjoyed themselves – 280,000+ couples sent in entries, amassing an astonishing 713+ million video views. The campaign’s Brand Premium In-Feed Ads then delivered an explosive punch of further awareness and a huge 5% click-through rate, showing how the TikTok community went on to explore what Spotify’s “Duo” package was. Finally, a brand lift study gave concrete evidence that the campaign had worked: a 6.7% increase in awareness, 8.10% increase in familiarity and 4% increase in ad recall. Now, how duo like that?

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