Igniting awareness and engagement for Nike Football's newest product launch.

The Objective

Nike needs no introduction. When Nike Football drops a new pair of boots, the sports world listens. To launch this new product with impact, Nike Football joined forces with TikTok to raise mass awareness with its target audience of football-loving Gen Z and Millennials.

The Solution

This case study is a masterclass in how to launch a new product effectively, where your target audience natively hangs out. Nike Football launched its "Future Lab" pack with a multichannel campaign and, on TikTok, it came to life as a Branded Hashtag Challenge called #MagicBoots, where fans were urged to showcase a football trick whilst wearing their Nike boots. The creative response was huge, here's why.

Nike used a popular football TikTok Creator, @ben, to lead the campaign and add authenticity. Ben, who has 2.2M followers, kick-started the campaign with collaboration videos alongside prestigious Nike Football stars, like Liverpool defender Andy Robertson and Manchester City's Phil Foden. What football fan wouldn’t want to watch Kevin De Bruyne showing off his skills? Users then had the chance to win their own pair of '#MagicBoots' if their trick impressed Ben the most. By placing a Creator at the heart of the campaign, Nike was able to leverage his large following in a key target demographic to generate huge organic reach right from the start.

The creative concept itself was also very cleverly put together, representing the "magic" speed, accuracy and power of Nike's new boots and the magic of an insane football trick. All of Nike's official Creator videos were eye-catching, inspiring and used camera trickery to grab attention and represent the #MagicBoots concept. What followed in the UGC was also magic – from a scaffold wheelie-bin goal (@tibbysingh) to crazy keepy-up skills (@xntonio9).

A Branded Hashtag Challenge comes in a bundle, allowing brands to drive users through a One Day Max In-Feed Ad (one-day run time) and a TopView Lite (Brand Takeover) on the day of launch, with the "challenge page" remaining live for 60 days after the campaign. It's highly discoverable in many ways too – through official videos, the Discover page in its 'trending hashtag' list, through ads, music and the UGC it generates. This is not only a viral moment for your brand, but for anyone in the TikTok community too, which is why so many users engage.

To maximise reach, Nike ran additional TopView Lite and In-Feed Ads, as part of a wider advertising campaign across social media.

The Results

The numbers rocketed past benchmarks and Nike drove mass exposure for its product launch, with more than 317 million video views and 160,000 user entries. Fans interacted with the campaign over 46 million times, including likes, shares and comments, and Nike's TikTok profile grew by 215,000 followers in just six days. It goes to show that, when you get the creative, Creator and ad placement strategy right, you can generate huge awareness on TikTok, at a rapid pace.

Just like magic.

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