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Driving brand affinity for Cetaphil skincare amongst Canadian consumers

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24.4 M
22.9 M
Video views
18.4 %
Lift in ad recall

The Objective

In 2020, many Canadian skincare brands experienced tremendous growth in driving relevancy for their brands. Cetaphil saw this trajectory as an opportunity to join the conversation in hopes of increasing brand awareness, brand affinity, and trial to ultimately drive sales by optimizing the TikTok platform. Being new to the platform, Cetaphil set out to create a unique slate of content built specifically for the TikTok community. The objective was to increase brand affinity and trial to ultimately drive sales.

The Solution

The strategic approach for this campaign involved tapping into trends already present on the platform and inviting TikTok users to share their personal skincare routines with those looking for ideas and inspiration. Cetaphil worked with creators who had a meaningful connection to skincare as well as showcasing how their products fit perfectly into these individuals' skincare routines. The goal was to make the content feel more authentic with individuals sharing their personal routine in an effort to inspire the community.

To amplify the campaign across multiple channels in the Canadian market, TikTok used a variety of solutions on the platform. These included a series of One Day Max In-Feed Ads placements which provided a high-impact solution that enabled the brand to drive strong awareness around key moments throughout the holiday season. In addition, a focus on in-feed video content allowed Cetaphil to sustain awareness and maintain an "always on" presence that ensured the brand remained top of mind throughout the campaign.

The Results

Following the tremendous success of this campaign, Cetaphil saw firsthand how TikTok can be a powerful awareness and sales driver. Across the entire campaign, Cetaphil drove more than 24 million impressions and 22.9 million video views. The campaign also led to a 5.4% increase in brand awareness and an 18.4% increase in ad recall, showing that the Canadian TikTok community embraced Cetaphil's creative approach.

Partnering with TikTok has allowed Cetaphil to meaningfully engage with our audience in an authentic and creative way. The way the TikTok community consumes content is unique, which has enabled us to launch fresh and dynamic user generated content. The platform has been a value add, due to the variety of ad formats available and complements our brand objectives resulting in +18% ad recall and +5.4% in brand awareness. We are thrilled with the outcome of our programs and are looking forward to continuing our partnership with TikTok.

Namita Sapra, Brand Manager-Media, PR and Creative

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