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TopBuzz TopBuzz
TopBuzz TopBuzz
All-in-one platform for breaking, local, and entertaining content
TopBuzz is an all-in-one content discovery platform that delivers breaking news, local events and entertaining content, in a rich range of formats from articles to videos.
One of the top downloaded news apps in US and Brazil
Breaking news from quality sources
top tier publishers and creators worldwide
of the contents produced by established original content creators
A variety of news and fun content in a customized feed
TopBuzz leads the way in giving users quality content they want, in the way they want it.
TikTok For Business
Upgrade your campaign with relevancy and quality
Make use of piece-meal time and reach users on-the-go
From breaking news to local weather, TopBuzz provides multiple touchpoints for brands to reach users on-the-go
A rich diversity of content offers greater attention for brands
The large variety of content on TopBuzz captures our users' attention and allows brands to reach them in an engaged and active frame-of-mind
Engage with the key driving force of society
Engage with users who are the driving force of society with a majority of our users' age 25+ and in key markets such as US, Brazil, and Japan
Grow your business on TopBuzz
TikTok For Business
TikTok For Business
TikTokAds Ad Format
Brand Takeover
Increase your brand awareness and build a strong impact with a full-screen display on App launch screen
  • The first display and interaction with users upon opening the app
  • 100% SOV on the splash screen
  • 7 seconds long JPG or 3-5 seconds long video
  • External landing page supported
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